Mamamoon Village

From Belly to Baby

They say it takes a village to raise a child. They are right. It's just that we often miss our village these days.

We experienced it ourselves, and we also experienced the difference when you do get support, when you learn to ask for it, and when you know where to find it. It's easier.

And for that reason we would like to share with you our own village, the Mamamoon Village - birth professionals that we have been working closely over the last years either as colleagues, or as using their support ourselves during pregnancy and postpartum time.


We have our full trust that they will make your motherhood journey more enjoyable, more comfortable, and more fun. Just as they helped us. And if they do not live in your close surroundings, use their example as people who could help you as well. We trust there are many amazing professionals anywhere in the world. We just need to know whom to look for, and those professions exist.

Mirjam Heemskerk.jpg

Mirjam Heemskerk 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapist

We met Mirjam when looking for postpartum specialists who would join our Mamamoon Tribe during retreats. She has been highly recommended by many women we worked with for her amazing treatments during pregnancy, and postpartum time. We expected to meet a highly skilled woman, and we did! But there was more! When you meet Mirjam you put yourself in hands of someone who is not only experienced with helping other women, but also extremely passionate about what she does, with excellent care, and warmth. 

Here is what you could contact Mirjam for:

  • to prepare your body and mind for pregnancy

  • connecting with your baby during pregnancy through massage

  • easing physical or emotional discomfort in pregnancy

  • preparing your placenta for optimal recovery after birth

  • postpartum recovery plan for your body, mind and soul

  • caring for your abdomen and wellbeing after a difficult birth

  • being welcomed into motherhood with tlc

  • if you find you deserve to be pampered big time!

Here is where you can read more about Mirjam's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Mirjam some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.


Corinne Laan

Acupuncturist focused on Women's Health

Kasia met Corinne when pregnant with her second and when preparing for labor herself. Afterwards we stayed in touch, and had a chance to host Corinne as one of our guest speakers at Mamamoon One Day Retreat in Amsterdam, followed by a Mamamoon Podcast. She has been helping many Mamamoon moms since then, not only during pregnancy, preparing for labor, but also during the postpartum period helping with topics like breastfeeding, fatigue, nutrition, insomnia, and many many more.

You could contact Corinne for:

  • Everything pregnancy related – morning sickness, fatigue, insomnia, nutrition, anxiety, IUGR, breech baby, twin pregnancy, planned c-section, over the due date, birth preparation from 36 weeks

  • Postpartum Recovery – lactation issues, fatigue, excessive blood loss, insomnia, nutrition, c-section scar healing, excessive hair loss, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, treatment plan from early postpartum up to a year post birth available

  • Nourishing life and wellness with foods – online Kitchen series to support your health throughout pregnancy, and postpartum

  • Fertility – Trying to conceive after miscarriage, unexplained fertility issues, nutrition, one to one online session available visit for more information

Here is where you can read more about Corinne's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Corinne some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.

Ombretta Dettori.jpg

Ombretta Dettori

Doula, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher

Ombretta is one of those people that when you meet her you feel suddenly calm, and happy :-) Luckily for us, apart from her warm Italian personality she has also specialized in areas that are so helpful for us when we are on our pregnancy and motherhood journey. When pregnant she will support you as a doula, you can visit her for a relaxing massage, she will share with you wisdom of Ayurveda with nutritional advice and simple daily practices, and you can join her for a gentle prenatal yoga flow. During postpartum journey she can step in as a postpartum doula with relaxing and healing treatments, help your body regain its strength using yoga therapy, and so much more.

Kasia met Ombretta in one of her teacher trainings, and since then their journeys crossed each other all the time. So it was also natural that when Kasia was pregnant, she came to Ombretta for all the goodness.

You could contact Ombretta for:

  • Nutritional & lifestyle advice from the very beginning of your pregnancy to your postpartum 

  • Prenatal and postnatal massages

  • Struggling with some pregnancy conditions for which you would like natural remedies (i.e. morning sickness, tummy discomfort, gestational diabetes, sciatic pain)

  • Overdue/breaking water with no contractions support

  • Birth doula 

  • Postnatal care (i.e. herbal preparation, massages, vaginal steam, sitz bath or coaching on planning your postpartum)

  • Postpartum professional caregiver 

  • Rebozo closing ceremonies

Here is where you can read more about Ombretta's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Ombretta some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.



Essential Oils & Teta Healing Practitioner

If you never heard of magic of essential oils, Sabrina will blow your mind with her expertise in this area! Not only when it comes to helping through pregnancy, labor and postpartum life, but also with boosting immune system of yourself and your baby, and helping to bring focus during daily work. 

And just imagine what if you dive into Teta healing world? Working with your subconscious to clear the way for what comes next. 

Nina met Sabrina during her postpartum journey, and since then she has been sharing her pasison and expertise with many Mamamoon moms and moms-to-be.

You could contact Sabrina for:

  • Health coaching based on plant medicine incl. a personalized daily wellness routine and continuing education and consultation. Topics:

    • Pre-pregnancy (desire to have children and preparation)

    • Pregnancy (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester)

    • Birthing and postpartum

    • Physical and emotional wellbeing

  • ThetaHealing sessions:

    • Reprogramming your subconscious

    • Letting go of limiting, negative and blocking beliefs and replacing them with positive beliefs and emotions downloads

    • Creating your own reality and achieving your goals

Here is where you can read more about Sabrina's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Sabrina some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.


Carlijn Revermann

Healthy cooking & nutrition advice 

Carlijn joined us during one of the Mamamoon Full Weekend Retreats where she spoiled all of us with her healthy and nutritious cooking! One of our moms-to-be literally said 'Thank you for nourishing us during the weekend!'

Her positive energy, passion for healthy eating and willingness to share with others so they can also enjoy the benefits of nutritious diet made it a no-brainer that we want to bring her more to our Mamamoon students! She will be joining us during weekend retreats in Zeeland going forward, and you will meet her at Mamamoon School as well.

Here is where you can read more about Carlijn's work.


Ola Wysocka

Gentle sleep coach 

Ola is one of the birth professionals that young parents should meet. After all if our babies can sleep, we can sleep, and when we can sleep, we tend to be nicer to people around us ;-) 


She has been also working with moms and moms-to-be through art therapy, assisting them on their motherhood journey - a beautiful way to connect, share, create and have fun!

We met Ola in Amsterdam when she joined Mamamoon One Day Retreats as a guest speaker, sharing her expertise, and assisting them later towards better sleep. She was also co-creating with us Creative Mama & Baby meet-ups joined by moms-to-be, moms and their babies :) Cuteness overload!

Here is what you could contact Ola for when it comes to sleep coaching:

  • Helping you baby sleep longer stretches both day and night

  • Gentle night weaning

  • Frequent night wakening

  • Early rising

  • Falling asleep on a breast, rocking

  • Transition to separate bed/ bedroom

  • Helping establishing a healthy day time routine

  • Weaning the pacifier

  • Sleeping through the night

Here is what you could contact Ola for when it comes to expressing and connecting through art:

  • Creative mama workshop

  • Helping with the transition into motherhood

  • Connecting with other mamas

  • Join the community

  • Express yourself using diverse art technique

  • Create art without previous experience

  • Postnatal care

Here is where you can read more about Ola's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Ola some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.


Marieke van Luin

Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Marieke has been working in the field of woman’s health for the last 30 years, first as a midwife and since 2010 helping women with one of the most sensitive topics in our postpartum journey: breastfeeding. Marieke has been recommended to us by many of our birth professional colleagues, and we were so happy that we got to met her ourselves! Her passion, knowledge, pragmatic approach and positive energy are sticking out at the very first time you meet her, so we are super excited to be able to share her expertise with you as well!

Here is where you can read more about Marieke's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Marieke some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.



Babywearing Consultant

Zyanya is a mom of two little boys, an American living in Amsterdam, for whom babywearing came not as help but as life saving tool! Hence she is sharing her passion and expertise with other parents and parents-to-be, so you can make it easier on yourself! 

Zyanya assisted Kasia by helping her when Miko was born, sharing with her tips on baby wearing when they were preparing for a trip to Bali with the two small kids. Amazing tools! She has been also joining Baby meet-ups that Kasia organized for her students in Amsterdam, and shared her tips with moms and moms-to-be there, answering questions, and performing on the spot adjustments to the carriers. So super useful!

Here is where you can read more about Sabrina's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Zyanya some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.