Mamamoon Online Retreats

16 January 2021

An intense preparation for pregnancy, labor and parenting life - from wherever you are.


Birth preparation in the comfort of your house!


With our Online Retreats, we are bringing Mamamoon straight into your living room. During our intense virtual live workshops, we will teach you the essentials you need to know to prepare for labor, birth, postpartum and parenthood. 

Mamamoon Online Retreat takes approx. 4 hours (including breaks) during which we will help you to prepare for the late stages of your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. You will also reflect on your vision of the parenting journey that is just ahead of you.


With Mamamoon Online, we empower you as parents-to-be! Allow yourself and your partner to retreat into yourselves for a few hours, and focus on you, your baby, your partnership, and your future life as parents. 

The goal of our Online Retreats is to give you the feeling that you have all the right tools for the journey from belly to baby. But most of all, we want you to be excited about meeting your baby, feeling ultimately confident and comfortable with your choices for pregnancy, birth, and the time afterwards, and believing in your powers and abilities as parents-to-be. 


Our Online Retreat will take approximately 4 hours including breaks between sessions. We will start at 2pm and finish around 6pm - all times Amsterdam time. 

You will take part in workshops designed around Mamamoon's key building blocks: Yoga, HypnoBirthing and Coaching. After the sessions, you will leave feeling empowered and prepared for your journey into parenthood. 

The exact program and a link to the video conference for the Mamamoon Online Retreat will be shared with participants before the event. If you have any specific questions right now, email us at

What you can expect during the sessions:
Yoga for pregnancy and labor based on Birthlight and HypnoBirthing
  • During this workshop we'll address positions and flows relieving common pregnancy pains. 

  • We'll also share with you the so called labor circuit, positions for birthing, breathing techniques and relaxation practice.

Birth preparation workshop based on Birthlight yoga and HypnoBirthing practices
  • Learn all about your body's perfect design for labor and birth.

  • We'll also teach breathing practices you can use during labor, and discuss how to prepare the perfect environment for a beautiful birth experience, what your partner can and should do to support you, and much more.


“Growing into parenthood” workshop based on systemic and solution-focused coaching
  • We'll guide you to develop a vision for your life as a parent: What are your expectations, what are your priorities, and how do you make sure you don't forget to self-care?

  • We'll also help you and your partner to understand each other better and stay connected as your grow into your life as parents. 


Digital materials will be shared afterwards to help you continue with your practice at home


Price: 99,- EUR (covering attendance for both mom-to-be and her partner)

Special deal to share Mamamoon: Bring a friend and get a 10EUR discount each! (email us before booking to get a special promo code)

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