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Every  woman deserves to feel like a superhero after giving birth.

We are working on an interactive Birth &  Postpartum Preparation Coaching app to make sure all mamas get the team and help they need.


You deserve to feel supported before, during, and after you welcome your baby.  


We want to create the best program possible, so we’re inviting parents-to-be and fresh parents, like you, to start our Mamamoon program for free and let us know what you think.

Limited availability from September 20, 2022.


Feel supported, calm and ready for birth!
Just like other Mamamoon parents did

The Mamamoon philosophy


Mother care

Proper preparation brings comfort during pregnancy and can deliver a smoother birth and recovery

Baby care

Support your baby with healthy pregnancy growth.


And work towards the optimal positioning for labor in the 3rd trimester.

Mind care

Identify moments of stress.

Deal with those moments as they come up.

Work today towards eliminating stress triggers during labor, postpartum and beyond.

What the Mamamoon program delivers

Week 8 Guide.png

Personalized updates

  • Weekly Guide of carefully curated information about where you are in your birth journey today, and what may impact your birth experience

  • Articles & videos

  • Tools to practice at home 

  • Connections with trusted experts that can support you further

Self-hypnosis (1).png



Tasks that you can do today to impact not only your comfort during pregnancy but most of all during birth and your postpartum recovery.

  • Breathing 

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Physical activity exercise to prepare your body and your baby for labor 

Personal Plan.png

Birth & beyond plan

Request a 30min call with a Certified Birth and Postpartum Preparation Coach to define the best plan for you.

The call will take 30 min and will cost 15 EUR unless you are quick! The first 5 calls are 100% free!

Request the call via this link today. 

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