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In this video:

  • Benefits for pregnancy & postpartum
  • When, how much, how often
  • Recipe with tips


Length of a video in total: 44 min 29 sec


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Why bone broth:

  • Bone broth is a part of many healing protocols, as well as in supporting therapies during pregnancy, postpartum, or for an extra immunity and health support.
  • The complex amino acids and high gelatinous content of bone broth may soothe and heal the gut and support the health of your structure (bones, joints, skin, ligament, tendons). With a healthier gut comes better health overall, and the nutrient absorption from other foods increases as well!
  • Especially for postpartum recovery, drink a cup of the broth every day for two weeks.


More nerdy facts:

  • Glycine is a 'conditionally essential' amino acid during pregnancy, meaning you must obtain it through your diet to provide enough to support the growth of your baby's skeleton, teeth, internal organs, hair, skin and nails.
  • Glycine is also necessary to support your own stretching skin, growing uterus, placenta and to help your circulatory system adapt to the demands of pregnancy.
  • Glycine is in collagen. And collagen we get from meat & bones
  • Hence bone broth!


Additional benefits of drinking bone broth include:

  • healthy skin, hair and nails
  • assist in wound healing
  • healthier gastrointestinal tract & improved nutrient absorption
  • supports healing of joints and ligaments
  • boosts immunity
  • help to eliminate roots of allergy and autoimmune diseases
  • relief for the liver
  • speedy recovery
  • better mood
  • curbs inflammation

Bone broth guide (Pre-recorded class)

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