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In this video:

  • Guidance around pelvic yoga and pelvic floor health
  • Tutorial with the practice on how to find out whether you have tightness or tension in your pelvic floor


Length of a video in total: 45 min


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why we do care about pelvic floor health:

  • Usually many think that a healthy pelvic floor means a strong pelvic floor and doing Kegel exercises.
  • This is not always true and beneficial for everyone, because many problems actually arise from a too tight or strong pelvic floor
  • For example having trouble with the bladder (urgency), is usually considered as a problem of too loose and weak pelvic floor muscles, but this can actually be because the pelvis is too tensed and tight and when we go to the bathroom we can’t hold the urine because we can’t tighten more.


Pelvic floor muscles are essential during birth. Before we practice any pelvic floor exercises, we should first identify if:

  • we have healthy pelvic floor muscles - then we can go ahead with simple practices
  • we have too tight muscles - then we focus on loosening them first
  • we have too loose muscles - then we focus on strengthening them first


Four ways to find out whether you have tightness or tension in your pelvic floor:

  1. Touch
  2. Breathing
  3. Movement
  4. Discovery


Join Lisanne and learn more all about it at the comfort of your home!


Intro to Pelvic Yoga (Pre-recorded class)

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