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Your subconscious has great impact on 95% of your behavior and decision-making. Your subconscious beliefs can either hold you back from living your dreams or help you thrive - so it’s definitely worth a look.

Sabrina is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner working and reprogramming your subconscious in order for you to clear your path for what comes next.

Just like on the subconscious mind, Sabrina also works on your physical and emotional health. And if you never heard of the magic of essential oils, Sabrina will blow your mind with her expertise in this area! Not only when it comes to helping through pregnancy, labor and postpartum life, but also with boosting the immune system of yourself and your baby, and helping to bring focus during daily work. 

Nina met Sabrina during her postpartum journey, and since then she has been sharing her passion and expertise with many Mamamoon moms and moms-to-be.

You could contact Sabrina for:

  • Health coaching based on plant medicine incl. a personalized daily wellness routine and continuing education and consultation. Topics:

    • Pre-pregnancy (desire to have children and preparation)

    • Pregnancy (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester)

    • Birthing and postpartum

    • Physical and emotional wellbeing

  • ThetaHealing sessions:

    • Reprogramming your subconscious

    • Letting go of limiting, negative and blocking beliefs and replacing them with positive beliefs and emotion downloads

    • Creating your own reality and achieving your goals

You can read more about Sabrina's work either by following her here to be up to date about essential oils or specifically focusing on ThetaHealing here.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Sabrina some time ago about the magic of essential oils, so you can get some first insights already.

Sabrina's classes at Mamamoon School

Applying Essential Oil


Did you know that the tiny molecules of essential oils can support your overall health and wellbeing in your pregnancy - especially supporting your sleep, reducing nausea and anxiety, caretaking your skin, boosting your immune system, naturally induce labor and priming your emotions for comfort and safety? And there is even more, considering that essential oils can work on all your body systems like your endocrine, digestive, nervous and immune system! Got you curious? Dive into the magic of essential oils and plant medicine in an insightful exchange from mom to mom.



Being one of the most loving and affectionate times, postpartum can also be new and challenging. Insomnia, anxiety, headaches and remarkable physical changes are only a few things that might be going on in the first weeks of mamahood. Learn how the powerful active substances of essential oils can support your emotional wellbeing, balance your hormones sooth your skin and heal your body. Got you curious? Dive into the magic of essential oils and plant medicine in an insightful exchange from mom to mom.

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Did you know that most of your behavior and decision making are steered by your subconscious mind? This is where your deepest beliefs have been ingrained genetically, collectively or during your childhood.
With ThetaHealing it is possible to dig deep and reprogram your subconscious by letting go of limiting convictions and fears and downloading positive beliefs and emotions instead.
As we transfer all these beliefs to our offspring, pregnancy can be the perfect time to tidy up our subconscious and embark on the beautiful journey of parenthood with a clear and positive mind.



A great number of beliefs and emotions have been genetically passed on to us by our parents and are now ingrained in our subconscious mind.
Such beliefs are oftentimes holding us back, preventing us from achieving our goals and living our wished for lives. By healing our own mother and father wounds, we prevent our offspring from adapting our limiting beliefs.
ThetaHealing is a beautiful tool for prenatal healing. Are you ready to heal your own mother and father wounds? Then join this beautiful ThetaHealing circle and shower yourself in (self-)loving emotional downloads for your and your baby’s mind, body and soul.

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Essential oils can work on all our body systems, considering that all systems are so amazingly connected to one another.
So approximately 70% of our immune cells are produced in our gut and lymphatic system, thus being linked with our digestive system. Whereas our digestive and our immune system are at the same time impacted by our endocrine and our nervous system.
Isn’t this mind-blowing? If this makes you curious, join our beautiful exchange on the magical plant components collected in essential oils and learn how you can support all your body systems in your pregnancy and postpartum.

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