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Babybrains® Course 

To empower all parents by knowing how to interpret what is going on in their children's brain

Baby brains
Mother and Baby on Floor


We, as parents, tend to face a lot of frustration very often because we set our expectations very high, and sometimes unrealistically achievable. Very often, it is just what society have taught us on how to interpret children behaviors, therefore we might look for a method that solves it all.

Too often we are bombed by a lot of different theories about how we should do parenting, but not all of them underlines the unicity of our own family, nor our own priorities.

Babybrains® is not a user manual. Indeed, we will never tell you what is correct to do with your child: science has number and averages, but you and your child are unique. Instead, the goal of this program is to guide you in getting to know your inner resources and being able to understand your children and what is going on with them. To create empowerment.


You are the only one who can find your way of  parenting. We call it the L-O-V-E approach and it easy and natural to put into practice: all you need to do is learn the science and enjoy the fun.


Babybrains® defines itself as "the FUN side of SCIENCE" - Neuroscience for Happy Families.

It makes the latest insight from Psychology and Neuroscience available to parents in an accessible, empowering and fun way: experimentally-inspired games, exciting Aha! moments and group exercises are, for instance, examples of how the learning happens.

In 2015, an Italian PhD Neuroscientist and mother of three living and working in UK, felt the need to transfer her knowledge and approach about how baby's brain work to other parents: this is how Babybrains® was born.


Prof. Mark Johnson from Cambridge University, UK endorsed this program and year by year Silvia trained more and more people to spread the voice.  Including me, doula Valentina Cenedese PhD in Neuroscience, as well.

Pregnant Woman and Partner


There are 6 workshops in the course. You could join all, or select the one you are most interested in:

  1. Family habits and memory.

  2. Manipulation and theory of mind.

  3. Separation anxiety and object permanence.

  4. Language and bilingualism.

  5. Discipline and motivation.

  6. Attachment and independence.


At the end of the course, parents feel not only well informed, but also energised and inspired, ready to take on the most wonderful challenge of their lives: parenting their unique child.

For who:
  • For all parents-to-be and parents of kids age 0-4.

  • This course helps you understand your kid better. You could decide to join when you already have a baby/kid, and you experience issues that you are looking for ways to solve.

  • Or you decide to join to simply prepare better for parenting life.

  • We finished different schools to be able to perform certain work in life, yet there is no school for how to be a good parent. This course gives us an opportunity to do better as a mom and dad, and to avoid situations when we do not understand our child's motivation, or interpret it wrongly..



  • The price for 6 classes in total, is € 140,-. incl. VAT

  • Included in the price:

  • 6 live sessions via Zoom  1 hour each

  • Materials with additional information to continue the work at home that you start in the course session

  • Possibility to always reach out with any questions during and after attending the course to Valentina and the Mamamoon team

  • You can also attend a single session only at a cost of € 30,-


The 6 online weekly classes of 1 hour are happening live starting Friday, April 1st, 2022 at 12.00PM CET (Amsterdam Time zone).

Exact dates & topics:

Friday, Apr 1st, 12.00PM - 1.00PM CET: Family habits and memory

Friday, Apr 8th, 12.00PM - 1.00PM CET: Manipulation and theory of mind

Friday, Apr 22nd, 12.00PM - 1.00PM CET: Separation anxiety and object permanence

Friday, Apr 29th, 12.00PM - 1.00PM CET: Language and bilingualism

Friday, May 6th, 12.00PM - 1.00PM CET: Discipline and motivation

Friday, May 20th, 12.00PM - 1.00PM CET: Attachment and independence

Additional info:

  • Workshops are science-based, fun and interactive sessions for parents (conception-4 years) and include engaging slide-presentations, games, discussions and Q&A.

  • Each workshop lasts 45 minutes + 15 min of discussion.

  • For organization purposes, we recommend signing up maximum within a week before the starting of the course.

Mother and Son
Valentina Cenedese


Valentina is an Italian mother of two living a multicultural life both in being an expat in the Netherlands and as a wife of a lovely Colombian man. Experiencing the daily struggles and joy of not living in her own country, not fully knowing the new culture and not having the family or a rich network close by, dedicates her life to helping others in the same situation of loneliness and lack of a village of support. As 'it takes a village to raise a child'.

She moved to Amsterdam from Italy in 2013, for her position as a researcher in Neuroscience. Soon after, her first pregnancy rearranged completely her priorities in life. She noticed that the most fulfilling experiences she has ever had were not while just working inside a laboratory. Instead that happened while connecting with people and helping them directly. She decided to pursue a new working journey much more in contact with the human heart, much more aligned with her new self. She discovered what a Doula is and she immediately felt at home in being one.

A few years later she felt the call for integrating her previous career in Neuroscience with the one about empowering families and she became a BabybrainsⓇ trainer: Neuroscience for happy families. 

The possibility of uplifting parents’ power and competencies with nurturing scientific insights really fascinated her:  she wants to think of her job as a bridge between Science and Parents' hearts, a guide to connect with their own intuition and to use it for making aware decisions. Knowing that their intuition has been rooted on the latest scientific data from Psychology and Neuroscience.

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