We're passionate about what we're doing and we know it's great for parents-to-be.

But don't just take our word for it - hear from others what they loved about their Mamamoon experience. 



Sabrina joined us for one of our Mamamoon Online Retreats. 

She loved being able to dedicate this time only to herself and her baby.

Bo & Max

The Netherlands

Bo and Max participated in one of our Mamamoon One Day Retreats when Bo was already in her third trimester. Hear why they loved joining Mamamoon as parents-to-be. 


Mamamoon July 4th Amsterdam

'As a first time mum living in a new country I was keen to find a birthing course that would not only prepare me for pregnancy, birth and beyond, but one that would also connect me and my husband with a community of parents and make us feel in control of our journey into parenthood. 


From our very first information session with mamamoon, we knew that this was what the type of course we had so needed; the philosophy of hypnobirthing and visualisation techniques aligned perfectly with how we wanted to prepare for the big day. In addition to hypnobirthing I was excited to take part in all the added extras; pregnancy yoga, relationship workshops and so much more. 


The retreat did not disappoint! I learnt so much about the science behind breathing, adrenaline and oxytocin - for me this was extremely empowering and I am actively using these techniques regularly - they really give me a feeling of calm, control and preparedness for labor. My husband and I were able to experiment with different massages/activities to support us during the labor - this really helped us plan how to remain calm, positive and in control.

What was also unique to Mamamoon was the session on relationships - My husband and I were able to use visualisation techniques to consider our future as parents, share our expectations of one another. We navigated how we foresee our roles in those early days with a newborn and became a stronger team. Most importantly we bonded with our baby bump because of this. 


Lastly we really appreciated the opportunity to meet a community of expectant parents and partners. I loved talking to second-time parents who still felt that there was more to learn from hypnobirthing. Whilst I now have my own birth plan, I am fully aware that there may be some unscheduled "surprises" along the way and I truly believe that hypnobirthing techniques will be invaluable in helping me stay calm and in control throughout. So no matter whether a mama opts for natural home birth, selected C-section , birthing hotel etc, I truly believe that hypnobirthing can be utilised effectively in all scenarios - thus keeping mama and baby safe :) '

Amy & Mark

Mamamoon One Day Retreat - July 2020