"Very lovely pregnancy yoga for every stage as a pregnant woman, nice tips and tricks to do at home as well !


Loved the coaching session, very eyeopening as a couple to have before having a little one !

The HypnoBirthing sessions were very nice to have as a couple and also handy to have a lot of tips and alternatives for the end of the pregnancy and birthing.

We ended up loving the photo-shoot as well, very surprising and so nice to have those special moments on photo !

All around a lovely weekend as a couple to spend :)

thank you again !"

Ellen and Matts

"I’ve learnt about Mamamoon retreat from a colleague of mine and initially had some doubts about joining it since I was at the late stage of my pregnancy (37,5 weeks). 

The location of the event was not very close to where I live and I have tried yoga only a few times before, so was not sure if 3 times yoga per day next to other classes would not be too heavy for me and therefore not very relaxing & enjoyable.


However, after some initial doubts I decided to give it a try because I wanted to get out of usual routine and dedicate more time to my body & mind and to the little one growing inside of me.


Also Kasia was so enthusiastic and responded so quickly and honestly, that I did not have any doubts about it anymore.


And I loved it!!! Both Nina and Kasia did an amazing job! They created a super interesting and diverse program. The total atmosphere of the event was great! Most of the participants, met each other for the first time, however everyone felt very welcomed.


I would definitely recommend it to all the mothers to be and hope to join a similar event for young mothers, together with the little one this time :) "


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