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We're passionate about what we're doing and we know it's great for parents-to-be.

But don't just take our word for it - hear from others what they loved about their Mamamoon experience. 



Sabrina joined us for one of our Mamamoon Online Retreats. 

She loved being able to dedicate this time only to herself and her baby.

Bo & Max

The Netherlands

Bo and Max participated in one of our Mamamoon One Day Retreats when Bo was already in her third trimester. Hear why they loved joining Mamamoon as parents-to-be. 



'For years I’ve been trying to address my pelvic issues after the difficult birth of my son. I always seemed to overdo or underdo it, leaving me uncomfortable or in pain for years. Physio therapy, chiropractic care, osteopath, nothing really helped me. 


After the first session with Lisanne I already learned so much about my pelvic floor and how to address my challenges. 


The whole class was amazing and just what I needed. Lisanne is so empathetic and warm and a great teacher. She helped resolve tightness and flexibility in ways I didn’t believe were possible anymore. 


I couldn’t recommend her more, she has been a pivotal part of my healing. 


Thanks so much Lisanne and Mamamoon for offering this class. I wish every post partum mom access to your class. 


Warm wishes,


Mamamoon Pelvic Yoga Course - Sep/Oct 2021

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