Mamamoon baby - Abigail Maja.JPG

Born May 1st, 2020


This sweet little girl started her first moves towards us on a Tuesday, April 28th.. shy at first, yet not letting her mama think for a second that it is anything else than actual labor.. when her parents got to a hospital for a check it turned out that Kasia was at a stage when she can stay for labor.. from here things moved way faster than before.. She entered a bath, which felt like a bliss. With every surge she focused on her breath and that made her stay calm throughout the whole process. To the point when she had to reassure her husband that she felt no pain. Yep, that's her own words, 'at the stage when we were in the hospital I felt zero pain, I was so excited to meet my baby soon that I may have been vocal at times what got Danny scared a little, so I had to tell him I'm absolutely fine, and didn't feel any pain, but that releasing sound simply felt good..' At a certain moment Kasia felt that baby turned spine to spine. She had to step out of the bath to a bed for the final birthing phase. She was asked to lay on the bed flat but refused, knowing and feeling that a side position worked more for her.. At that moment she was offered a number of options to speed things up. She refused all of it, because she felt it was ok. Every hospital has their magician. It turns out the one in Denmark as well. Kasia was joined by a lady who helped her with the final stage of labor, to position Kasia and her baby for birth. In no time Abigail was born, this sweet little girl that you can see in the photo.. The midwife who assisted Kasia during labor and who was offering different interventions came to apologize to her at the end for doing so 'You didn't need any of that, you did it all by yourself and you did so well'.. She did, she absolutely did! What a strong and amazing mom she is, a first time mom who trusted her body and her gut and was given to experience a beautiful, calm and empowering birth, just the way she was hoping for before.. 

Kasia and her husband joined us during Mamamoon Online Retreat April 25th, 2020

Mamamoon baby - Anne

Born April 13th, 2020


“The night our daughter was born, I spent around 4 hours completely focused on my breathing, allowing my uterus to tighten up and relax without fighting against the pain. Visualization worked like a charm to me, also changing positions and getting some lower back massage from my husband.

By the time we called the midwife, contractions became so strong that I felt the urge to push. I was hoping for a water birth so I asked my husband to fill up the bath for me. We only made it to the edge of the bath without even having time to get in the water. By the next contraction I pushed and our lovely little daughter came out to her father arms. The midwife was on her way so we spend a couple of minutes there, the 3 of us without knowing exactly what to do but amazed by the power of nature and enjoying the magical moment of birth.

Your body knows exactly what to do! Don’t let your fear interfere with the magic of life and enjoy the moment!” - Pamela 

Pamela and her husband joined us in Amsterdam during Mamamoon One Day Retreat March 6th, 2020

Mamamoon baby - Daphne

Born March 27th, 2020


"During the time proceeding labor I had 2 sessions of acupuncture, I used teas, essential oils, I massaged my calves every day, walked a lot.. Then on Friday at 10 am I lost the mucus plug.. I started some batch cooking for the next days, full of hope.

12 pm first surge.

1 pm I put my boy in bed for his nap, I found lying down position very uncomfortable, I needed to breathe through 2 or 3 intense surges.  

2 pm the surges were long and intense, every 6/8 minutes

3 pm the surges became very long (1min 45sec) every 3 minutes, I couldn’t really manage anymore. Breathing through was really hard. When the midwife arrived, I was already 4 cm dilated!

She rushed me into her car to the VU (I wasn’t able to deliver at home because of my history of hemorrhage from the birth of my boy)

4 pm at the hospital, I was 9 cm dilated and I thought I have lost control. At that point, no position was making things easier, the surges were too close for me to refocus, I was not able to keep it together and I became vocal... although I really didn't think it would be my style. I was transformed, I asked for an epidural 100 times but of course it was too late.

Then at 4.30 pm my body started to push. It burned, but at that point I knew I could do it, that I was really close. 


Daphné was born 10 minutes later. 3,6kg. A few stitches only.

I was incredibly happy to have done it. 


After birth of Daphne I had an hemorrhage (it was very likely given my history and my mom's history too). This is the ‘funny’ part, after dealing with the birth without any pain killer, they sent me to the ER and put me to sleep for the surgery! What a pity. But I really didn't mind. I guess I knew my baby was safe, and I was probably high on happy hormones because I didn't mind at all.


By 8 pm I was back in my room and gave my baby the first breast feed.

I went home the next morning.


Thank you for all the tools that you gave us. So far Daphné is an angel, she sleeps well, eats a lot and gives us no trouble at all. She doesn't seem troubled by the noise her brother makes all day locked down at home. 


I thank you both for you warm encouragement, and I hope you and your families are keeping well.

Stay safe and take care! - Solange

Solange and her husband joined us in Amsterdam during Mamamoon One Day Retreat March 6th, 2020

Mamamoon baby - Lucie.jpeg

Born October 20th, 2019


"My contractions started at 11pm every 5 minutes so I got out of bed and started to use my big sitting ball and doing lots of yoga poses to keep My pelvis in motion. Also making everything ready for home labor to have something to do! 

After 3 hours I woke up my husband cause then contractions came every minute so he started to massage my back and telling me to breath deeper or giving me water. We had made clear instructions upfront what he could do or say! 

Every contraction or wave like they called it in hypnobirthing got me closer to my daughter. After 38 weeks pregnancy I was so excited to finally meet her that was all I could think of. So every wave I said  to her mentally ‘you are safe  come to me little one into our arms’..

It s so lovely to not be afraid of giving birth but to see it as a day you finally got to meet your baby and to welcome your baby to this World! 

So what helped us most were a lot of breathing techniques, meditation, yoga poses, massages and positive mental talks.. Our midwife came 5:40 am and I gave labor to our girl at 5:51 am :) so my husband and I did the most of the labor by ourselves like we wanted it :)  - Ellen

Ellen and her husband joined us in Ermelo during Mamamoon Weekend Retreat May 17-19, 2019

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