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If you're expecting your first, second or third child, by now you've probably realized how much information is out there about growing, birthing and caring for your baby! We know it can be pretty overwhelming. The Mamamoon Podcast is here to help! In each episode, we interview birth and postpartum professionals and get them to share their wisdom, tips and tricks for pregnancy and birth to postpartum, baby care and parenthood. We're Kasia and Nina, both moms and founders of Mamamoon Retreats. Coming out of our own pregnancies, we have made it our mission to empower parents-to-be to have a smooth and beautiful pregnancy, birth and transition into their new lives as parents. We're with you from belly to baby!

Episode 1 -  

Baby Wearing 101 - Why, How and What to look for in Carriers + Wraps

If, how and when to carry your baby in a carrier, wrap or ring sling is a topic most parents are confronted with. We're talking to Zyanya, mom of two, babywearing consultant and founder of about the pros and cons of carrying your child, the role of oxytocin, the involvement of dads, how to choose your carrier and many more tips and tricks for parents-to-be who are looking to wear their baby in a carrier or wrap.

Episode 2 -  

Acupuncture for Pregnancy and Birth

Acupuncture is a practice from Traditional Chinese Medicine that is gaining popularity in Western countries, too. It has countless benefits for pregnant women, too, and can be done during the entire pregnancy to alleviate pregnancy ailments and prepare for a smooth birthing experience. Often, though, expecting moms only find out about the benefits of acupuncture when their baby is overdue and moms are looking for a way to get labor going. Together with acupuncturist Corinne Laan, we're taking a deeper look into acupuncture for pregnancy and birth, explain the way it works, and what its benefits are during your journey from Belly to Baby. 

Podcast Episodes

Episode 3 -  

Essential Oils during Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

More and more often, also midwives and doulas recommend the use of essential oils (future) moms to treat pregnancy ailments and even for baby care. Even school medicine recognizes the positive effects certain essentials oils can have during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Health and Fitness Coach Sabrina Notarnicola answers a lot of our questions around essentials oils, so tune in and learn all about the wisdom of plant medicine and how it can help you during pregnancy. Find out what you can do about typical pregnancy ailments like heartburn, constipation, sleeplessness or back pains or headaches. 

Episode 4 -  

Better Baby Sleep through Gentle Sleep Coaching

After being born, babies still need to learn how to sleep, and their need for rest and their sleep rhythm change with every development step they make.
For parents, this is often one of the hardest things about being a parent.

In this episode of our podcast, we talk to sleep coach Ola from Tiny Sleepyhead about how babies learn to sleep, what influences their sleep and what moms and dads can do to help their babies fall asleep and sleep through the night.

Ola is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, focusing on sleep coaching methods that put baby's and parents' needs first. She coaches families through the first years when sleep seems to be an all-impacting topic.

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