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Mamamoon Retreats

From Belly to Baby with Prenatal Yoga, HypnoBirthing and Coaching - 

in the format that works best for you!

Our Mamamoon Formats

Mamamoon Online Pregnancy Retreat

Online Retreat

Your essentials for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting from the comfort of your home!


Weekend Get-away

Your ultimate selfcare time in one of the most beautiful retreat places in The Netherlands!

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One Day Retreat

Your essentials for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting in one day!

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Online Course

Prepare for the arrival of your baby - from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. 

Programme Details

Mamamoon Pregnancy Retreats Program: Key Building Blocks

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Birth Preparation Workshops based on HypnoBirthing & Birthlight practices

You will come away from this workshop with a tool set that will support you during your pregnancy and your birthing day. Kasia will take you through the journey of birthing in a way that allows you to summon your natural birthing instincts and to birth your baby in safety and with ease.

Topics that will be practiced and discussed:

  • Our body’s perfect design – brief explanation of the ‘tools’ that we have naturally to support birthing

  • Breathing techniques for different stages of labor

  • Movements and positions for the first stage of labor (labor circuit)

  • Positions to support you during birthing phase

  • Relaxation techniques for coping with different body sensations

  • Toning the body exercises, incl. perineum massage and pelvic floor exercise

  • Natural means to get things moving during labor

  • How to prepare yourself, your partner and your birthing environment for different stages of labor


"Growing into Parenthood" Coaching Workshops

Having a child is one of the most defining moments in your life. Your body is changing, and with it, your mindset is shifting, too. You give birth, and from that moment, your whole life has made a transition.

During this workshop, we will help you develop your own fresh perspective on the life you envision for yourself as a mum. 

  • What is most important to you? 

  • Next to being a mum, which other roles do you fulfill, for example as a partner, daughter, friend or in your career? 

  • Which changes will you experience in your life and how can you handle them? 

  • How do you manage not to forget taking care of yourself? 

  • What do you wish for or expect from your partner and how can you make that happen?


After this weekend, you will go home with a lot of tools and inspiration for a smooth start into your new life as a mum.

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Birthlight Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is increasingly recommended to pregnant women because it is a gentle way of maintaining or gaining fitness while reducing anxiety with breathing and relaxation techniques. Birthlight yoga for pregnancy is accessible to all women, whether they are yoga practitioners or new to yoga.

Birthlight classes are not standardized in uniform sets within or across countries: teachers are trained to cater for group and individual needs in their own unique style, as is suits best the unique experience of each pregnant woman in the group.

Characteristics of Birthlight yoga classes:

  • Hip rotations and flowing sequences of moves have been developed to avoid strain in held postures.

  • Yoga breathing techniques have been selected and adapted to expand women’s breathing capacity in gentle and effective ways that carry through to labor and the postnatal period to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

  • Rather than pelvic muscle tone, Birthlight promotes elasticity and stability that are the best foundation for birth and postnatal recovery even when medical intervention is called for.


About Birthlight


The Birthlight Trust is an educational charity, with over 30 years’ experience of promoting an integrated approach to pregnancy, birth, babyhood and parenting with Yoga.

Birthlight has originated trainings for many current leading yoga providers in the UK and internationally. It is the first training provider to have been recognized by the British Council of Yoga Therapy (BCYT) and the Federation of Antenatal Teachers (FEDANT).  Besides yoga teachers, Birthlight also reaches pregnant women and new mothers through trained maternity professionals (midwives and doulas), health visitors and complementary practitioners. Birthlight Yoga is accredited with the Royal College of Midwives in the UK and keeps up with the latest developments in international midwifery circles and research networks. 

Birthlight: the name refers to both ‘birthing lightly’ without undue strain, and the spiritual dimension of birth, that is often forgotten.  Birthlight practices are science-based but taught from the heart to nurture the whole person.

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