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Mamamoon Retreats came up as an idea in December 2018. It started quickly taking shape of something real, simply because we are both passionate about pregnancy, birth, and the change that it brings to our lives... and we love to share this passion with others!

With our backgrounds in yoga, HypnoBirthing, and coaching, plus our personal experiences of going through life changing events, we believe that we can support moms- and dads-to-be on this special journey through pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent..

Kasia Pokrop


Prenatal Yoga Teacher & HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

Kasia and yoga was like love from the first sight. Once she started it quickly became part of her daily schedule. Ashtanga practice opened a completely new world to her, but it was not until she got pregnant when she discovered how reach yoga practice can be. It helped her grow, become more humble, and appreciate more what you can do rather than seeing what you cannot do.

A combination of yoga and HypnoBirthing techniques was what helped her throughout her pregnancy, labor, and changes that came after. The impact of it was so amazing that she decided to share it with others. Today Kasia is a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator The Mongan Method, a trained Prenatal Yoga teacher with Birthlight, a founder of, a mother of a lovely three-year-old girl and a very relaxed and smiley boy born July 2019.

Nina Jonker-Voelker


Coach & Female Empowerer

Nina has been a coach and mentor in her career for the past 10 years. Her passion is to help people develop new perspectives and approaches to the challenges in their lives. As a real go-getter, in her workshops and sessions, she is using elements and techniques from different coaching methodologies and mentoring approaches to help you achieve what you set as a goal for yourself.

To see you grow, empower yourself to fulfill your dreams and take charge of your life is the ultimate driver for her as a coach.

After 10 years in a corporate career, she has set up her own coaching business, is organizing female founders events in Germany, is working her own start-up, and enjoying being a mom to her little boy born July 2019. 

Our Story

We met in 2006 in Amsterdam - both as fresh graduates starting their careers. It was not until end 2018 though when our paths crossed again. And again, we found out that we have more in common than we would have thought: both found new passion in our lives, changing our career towards what we really care about, and surprise surprise both pregnant with due dates two weeks apart. 

It was when the idea of organizing a pregnancy weekend retreat was born. It took us split of a second to decide to organize the event before our little wonders turn our lives upside down again. With clear timeline, we set ourselves for bringing our other baby to life: Mamamoon Retreats. After finding a location end of February, creating a website and social media appearance over a weekend beginning of March, we had two months to go. It was quite a ride, but so worth it! 

From the very beginning we had a clear vision on the program, and what we would like to share during that weekend. But it was not until we all met in Ermelo, when we realized how much it was spot on! Being able to join someone on the journey of becoming a parent is a truly special experience. Being able to share what have been proven to help so many of our students to go through a life changing event in a set-up of a weekend away was even more rewarding. 

In July 2019 Casper and Miko were born, and even though we love spending time with our little boys, we also cannot wait to start sharing what we have built up with Mamamoon.


Taking on all learnings from last events, and current lifestyle, we defined three forms of Mamamoon Retreats: One Day Retreat, City Retreat and Weekend Get-away. You will also find us in many more locations: Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are currently on the agenda. We will kick off March 6th in Amsterdam, with a One Day Retreat organized in one of the most beautiful studios in Amsterdam! If you are expecting your little one at the moment, this is THE event you don't want to miss!


Check out our website to find out all details, and if anything is missing, just drop us a note.


Kasia & Nina

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