Beautiful birth story of a baby that took some time to say 'hi'

Updated: Oct 13

By Ieva Stuikyte

Luka Teresa was born at home at 41 weeks + 5 days, September 5th 2021. Luka's mom was dreaming of home birth and was preparing for having her girl at home, so when the due date passed it became all a bit anxious. Yet, she was confident in her choices, trusted her body and her baby, and was able to welcome her baby girl as she was always hoping for..

Ieva, Luka's mom, joined the Mamamoon School from her week 36th of pregnancy, and we absolutely loved having her with us. Thank you Ieva for sharing your story with other moms as well..

Birth story of Luka Teresa, born at home in Amsterdam September 5th 2021

Since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have made a decision that I want a natural home birth in water. It just felt the right way to do it. I wanted to experience it all and give this baby a chance to be born naturally and peacefully, straight into the loving arms of her parents.

I really enjoyed the pregnancy and I was so excited to have my dream home birth. However, my body and the baby have been preparing for the big arrival for longer than expected, so what seemed to be very fast labor, also felt like a challenging waiting game.

At 40 weeks appointment, my midwife laid out all options for me in terms of what I can expect if I’m still pregnant at 41 or even 42 weeks. We decided to give it some more time and wait. At 41 weeks though I was getting a bit impatient and we decided to check if I’m dilated - and I was 2cm! So the midwife did the membrane sweep and said that baby’s head is super engaged and quite low - that gave me a boost of positivity and encouragement to wait for longer. Also, I went to the hospital, just for peace of mind, to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and check the fluids - everything seemed perfectly fine! I had some contractions that night but in the morning everything stopped.

Two days later I have decided to get another sweep to see if things will start progressing then. The midwife has also booked me in for the balloon the following morning. So on Friday, I went to the hospital again, but after the midwife checked me she said there’s no point to insert the ballon as it will fall out right away. She also said she can feel the baby’s head - how exciting! What was not exciting is that she quite forcefully tried to convince me to get an induction and give birth at the hospital - she gave me a speech about the risks of being overdue and higher chances of a stillbirth... It was very hard to listen to all this and to stand my ground and say no - but I did. It just felt right to wait, I still had time, the baby was doing fine, I knew that we just need a bit more patience.

On Saturday (41+4 days), my partner and I spoke to the baby all day saying things like ‘please, baby, you have to come out now', ‘please, come to us’, ‘it’s time to come, we want you to be born at home’, ‘we have everything ready for you and we can’t wait to see you, we love you so much…’. Secretly I was already quite pessimistic and thought that my plans to give birth at home are already canceled and I have to deal with the hospital birth fact. However, I decided to have a very nice, chill day, and after cleaning the house for the 10th time that week (hello, nesting!), I had the longest spa-like shower, pampered myself, bounced on a ball, and danced around the living room in my underwear, feeling like a big round goddess :) We then decided to go to the seaside (we’ve been doing that quite a lot towards the end of my pregnancy. Each time we thought that it might be the last time it’s just two of us watching the sunset. And each time it wasn’t…) While sitting on the beach, I felt that my underwear got unusually wet and I thought if this could be my waters leaking?! As there were no other signs of labor that night and the leaking seemed to stop, I just went to bed feeling quite disappointed but trying not to lose hope - Sunday was the last day for me to go into labor naturally...