5 Ways to Weave more Spirituality into your Motherhood Journey

Updated: Oct 13

By Natalie Shriber

It's 4.30 am, my little 10-week-old earth angel Mira is asleep, draped across my shoulder after an early morning feeding, balancing awkwardly, precariously, and perfectly like only a newborn who wants to be close to her mama can. Closing my eyes and holding her close, feeling equal parts exhaustion and peace, I am overcome with joy and unconditional love for this little being - so much love - so deep, pure, boundless, and expansive - I am overwhelmed to tears by just how powerful this force and feeling is. It is in these little moments where I am reminded of how deeply spiritual motherhood truly is - just how awesome, nourishing, healing, transformative and magical it is if we allow it to be.

Motherhood is a beautiful, sacred, and deeply spiritual journey – and yet our modern lives and societies have stripped away much of the magic and divinity from one of the most potent forms of creation and manifestation in the universe - conceiving, growing, birthing, and guiding new life into this world. We are misdirected from trusting our bodies and our intuition, which can leave us feeling fearful, alone, misinformed, and disempowered. Where communities once banded together to celebrate, support, and raise new life - including caring for and exalting new mamas - we are often forced to figure it out and manage on our own, with limited support, networks, and the space to do the exhausting but crucial work of raising the next generation of human beings.

But our bodies possess divine intelligence,

our feelings and emotions are our teachers and guides,

our intuition is connected to universal source consciousness,

and our desire to connect, share and care from a place of unconditional love is exactly what makes us human.

Spirituality and spiritual practices can help us to remember the divine wisdom, power, and intelligence of our body-mind-spirit, re-connecting us to ourselves, our babies, and our communities so that we can fully awaken, embrace, trust and surrender to the awe, magic, and mystery of motherhood.

My personal spiritual practice is deeply interwoven into my earthly existence, and I wanted to bring the same holistic approach to my motherhood journey. From acupuncture, creating a birth altar and daily yoga practices, to meditation, mama retreats and cacao -> there are so many beautiful and simple ways you can weave more spirituality into your motherhood journey. Below I share my top 5!

(1) Mindful Movement

Mindful movement is any kind of movement practice that is done in a conscious, aware, and embodied manner. Whether it be yoga, tai chi, ecstatic dance, or walking, these practices not only help to prepare your body physically for pregnancy, birth and postpartum but are also excellent tools in helping to calm and center the mind and moving emotions that might be stored or trapped in the body. Mindful movement brings you into the present moment, by focusing on the breath and bringing awareness to the feelings and sensations present in our body. When we are aware of and connected to our bodies, we can soften, trust, and surrender more fully and deeply, knowing that the divine intelligence of the body is here to help us through all parts of our motherh