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Birth story of Mattia: 'trust your intuition, give voice to your doubts, believe in your body'

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

By Federica Francalancia

We met Federica and Sourena during our Pregnancy Weekend Retreat in Zeeland. It was their second pregnancy and we felt absolutely grateful for their trust, and sharing their journey with us. Even more grateful when we read this beautiful story of Mattia's birth.

As Federica shared: 'Trust your intuition, give voice to your doubts, fears and demands. Keep eye contact with your partner and believe in your body.'

Thank you Federica for taking the time and sharing your story with us <3

Mattia was born as planned at the Sophia birth center. Unlike the previous delivery when I had back contractions, I started feeling belly contractions in the evening and upon suggestion of the midwife made sure they were real and stable before moving from our apartment. I took a warm shower, a bath and rode the easy waves breathing, I couldn't really breath to my belly as it increased the pain so I used flank and back breathing.

Unlike with Lea, my water broke spontaneously and luckily they were (a lot and) clear. After the water broke, things started getting more intense and I found myself most comfortable on the bouncy ball leaning forward. Acupressure on the back helpful only at times.

At a certain point I felt like it was time to move and I demanded to go to the birth center and by the time we arrived at 2am I was 6cm dilated. I felt my body moving very fast, an unrecognizable feeling, and within one hour of the same position on the ball, I started feeling the urge to push and was scared I would to it too soon so I asked to check my dilation. I was 9,5cm already and within the next contraction i was cleared that if I felt I could push.

The bath was ready just on time and I tried to lay in the water as I had done with Lea, but as soon as a contraction came I found myself on my knees leaning to the edge of the bath, feet wider than my hips and knees. Within 3-4 pushes, Mattia was born. His shoulder had gotten a little stuck in the process so the midwife asked me to move out of the bath to see better and just that movement was enough for the shoulder to free itself.

We had issues with the placenta, my and extra hormones weren't enough, nor gravity. The midwife tried by pulling the cord but it broke so she had to call the gynecologist as a last try before operating. Luckily she managed! It was very painful, but I was extremely focus on wanting it to work and I had Mattia in my arms to hold onto.

All in all I think that the best tip I can give you all is to trust your intuition, give voice to your doubts, fears and demands. Keep eye contact with your partner and believe in your body.

Thank you Federica again for taking the time and sharing your story!

And here also an eye to the future: a beautiful family of four <3


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