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Pregnant belly

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For mothers by mothers

They say that it takes a village to raise a child.. It still does. We just don't always have the village around us anymore..

With Mamamoon School our goal is to bring you that village to your home to support you throughout your whole motherhood journey, from belly, through birth and beyond..

Together with amazing birth professionals and health experts we are putting together a place where you can continue your practice to prepare for birth and parenting life, explore new methods, connect, share and simply have fun!

What to expect


A place to continue with your practice to prepare for birth

You just finished a birth preparation course and would like to continue what you've learned? We got you covered! 


  • Yoga

  • Deep relaxation

  • Mindfulness

  • Birth preparation

  • Partner practices for pregnancy and labor

  • And more!

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A place to get input from respected professionals

Curious about acupuncture? Not sure if vaginal steaming is for you? Or planning to prepare your breastfeeding journey? 

Those are just a few of many topics that we will be sharing with you thank to an amazing network of birth professionals and health experts - our Mamamoon Village!

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A place to learn, connect and have fun!

All classes are livestream classes with space for learning new methods, and space for having your questions answered! 


  • Expert sessions 

  • Sharing circles for moms and moms-to-be

  • Cooking classes

  • Creative mama meet-ups

  • And more!


A place to dive deeper into your favorite topics

Perhaps you joined a cooking class and would like to learn more? Or you felt the power of deep relaxation to prepare for birth? You will also find on our schedule courses, workshops and deep-dive sessions..


  • HypnoBirthing

  • Cooking for postpartum

  • Pelvic yoga

  • Mindfulness 

  • And more!

Creative Baby Meet Up_12.02.2020_22.jpg

A place for your full motherhood journey, from belly to baby

Our goal is to provide you with tools beyond birthing your baby! Hence you will find on the schedule also topics very much relevant for your postpartum times.



  • Cooking for postpartum

  • Postnatal yoga

  • Baby massage

  • Postpartum recovery

  • And more!

Join us today and shape the school with us!

Based on your feedback we defined now the following ways you can join us at the school:

  • 1 Month Unlimited Pass at 89 EUR - you can buy it today, and the month starts with your first class that you book with us. It doesn't extend automatically to another month. Ideal for maternity leave, whether before or after having your little one!

  • Monthly subscription with access to all the classes on the schedule at 59EUR - you can join anytime for a min of 2 months, and you can cancel anytime before the end of the month. Great value for money! 

  • Intro class at 39EUR incl. 3 classes within 2 weeks - you can buy it today, and it gets activated with the first class you sign up. Best way to try if you like it!

  • A single class drop-in at 18EUR, so you can join any class anytime you like!

Join us and create this space together with us!

The Mamamoon Village

What others say about the School

Pregnant belly


I learned about Mamamoon School from Kasia, who I knew from the beginning of her wonderful Mamamoon initiative. I was so happy to see the fruition of her idea, especially during such a challenging time in 2020/21. And I was so happy to be part of the Mamamoon School - now pregnant and excited to learn a more gentle approach to birth prep, birthing and postpartum. I was used to a very medicated scenario in the US with my first child, a very stressful time for baby and me. With the Mamamoon School my eyes and heart were open, reminded and put at peace that we can do this in a better way. The classes offer such an amazing variety from deep relaxation and yoga, to Ayurvedic help with the process, essential oil, baby wearing, etc. Everything that you can think of and not think of. The "teachers" were amazing in sharing not only the basics but more than needed, offering to stay in touch and responding to questions. This follow up was really helpful. Overall, the Mamamoon School is a wonderful platform to prepare you and your partner to what's to come and after. 



First time mum and newby in Amsterdam - As a first time expat mum in the Netherlands it is nice to have a place with lots of experts coming together to explain all pregnancy and motherhood related subjects. With a very holistic approach and lots of practical advise. The time offerings variate to fit a bit of everyones schedule and most classes come with hand outs that you can save for later. 


The Mamamoon team is always available for questions even after sessions and it really feels like a very supportive atmosphere which was particularly helpful for me being new in the city. You also get the opportunity to hear and know other mums, and mums to be, and feel less "on your own" in covid times when the loneliness can hit a bit harder. 

Pregnancy Dress


As a mother to be, you want to feel like you do things right. The Mamamoon school gave me the feeling that I am on the right track with my birth preparation and beyond. You can make it a personal home retreat. It helped me to get into the habit of regularly joining hypnobirthing meditations, mindfulness education, and many informative workshops. You feel taken by the hand and presented with all possible topics that a pregnant women wants to know about: postpartum nutrition, role of the partner, breastfeeding,… the list is long. I especially enjoyed the fact of joining an online community of pregnant ladies all in the same boat and seeing the same faces on zoom.

Finally you can’t help but slowly be convinced that giving birth can be easier and nicer than you thought, after hearing it from so many different teachers and professionals. A big thanks to all the mamas, doulas, midwifes, contributing their wisdom!


Much love, 



Female Friends

We hope to see you there!

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