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Born October 20th, 2019

"My contractions started at 11pm every 5 minutes so I got out of bed and started to use my big sitting ball and doing lots of yoga poses to keep My pelvis in motion. Also making everything ready for home labor to have something to do! 

After 3 hours I woke up my husband cause then contractions came every minute so he started to massage my back and telling me to breath deeper or giving me water. We had made clear instructions upfront what he could do or say! 

Every contraction or wave like they called it in hypnobirthing got me closer to my daughter. After 38 weeks pregnancy I was so excited to finally meet her that was all I could think of. So every wave I said  to her mentally ‘you are safe  come to me little one into our arms’..

It s so lovely to not be afraid of giving birth but to see it as a day you finally got to meet your baby and to welcome your baby to this World! 

So what helped us most were a lot of breathing techniques, meditation, yoga poses, massages and positive mental talks.. Our midwife came 5:40 am and I gave labor to our girl at 5:51 am :) so my husband and I did the most of the labor by ourselves like we wanted it :)  - Ellen

Ellen and her husband joined us in Ermelo during Mamamoon Weekend Retreat May 17-19, 2019

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