Mamamoon One Day Retreat 

Your essentials for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting in one day!


We created One Day Retreat program to address one of the key characteristics of today's life: having little time to spare.. During that day you will dive into pregnancy and birth preparation essentials based on yoga and HypnoBirthing,  and start your parenting journey during "Dream up your life" coaching workshop..

What you can expect during that day:

  • Prenatal yoga class for moms-to-be based on Birthlight (a yoga class or an alternative activity will be arranged also for partners - may differ depending on a location)

  • Birth Preparation workshop based on HypnoBirthing and Birthlight practices

  • “Dream up your life” coaching workshop

  • Deep relaxation practice based on HypnoBirthing

  • Delicious and healthy food throughout the whole day

  • Building your future support network with other parents-to-be and birth professionals joining the workshops

Depending on a location, we will be enriching the program with potential treatments, relaxation techniques or guest speakers..


There will be no two same Mamamoon retreats. We will design it for you, and take all your feedback with us to evolve further.

Mamamoon One-Day Retreats 2020

One Day Retreat organized in a beautiful studio in Amsterdam, The White Door Studio.

It is a serene oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, a hidden garden with a myriad of opportunities...


One Day Retreat only 15 min drive from Amsterdam! So close to the city of Amsterdam, yet it feels very far away...

May 16: AMSTERDAM (Zwier)

One Day Retreat in Amsterdam! Location and date to be confirmed shortly!

Jul 3 or 4: AMSTERDAM 

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