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Mamamoon Online Pregnancy Retreat

The Mamamoon Online Course

Prepare for labor and your life as a parent from the comfort of your home and in your own time!

With our Mamamoon Online Birth Preparation Course, you'll not only get a solid preparation for pregnancy and labor, but you will also reflect on your vision of parenting journey that is just ahead of you.

What you can expect from the Mamamoon Online Course:

  • A holistic program for pregnancy, labor and postpartum

  • A course to prepare in the comfort of your home - and in your own time

  • Yoga positions and flows, HypnoBirthing classes and Coaching workshops

  • Ca. 4 hours of videos + workbooks + tips and tricks

  • Bonus: Interviews with birth and postpartum professionals sharing their knowledge

  • Access to all materials for 12 months after signing up

Our Online Course for you

Yoga for Pregnancy and Labor based on Birthlight and HypnoBirthing

  • Poses to relieve common pregnancy pains

  • Poses to relieve sensations during labor

  • Poses to position your baby into the most optimal position for birth (for during pregnancy and for during labor)

  • Poses to help with progress during labor

  • The Labor Circuit

  • Positions for birthing

  • Breathing techniques for relaxation, to improve sleep, and to help with headaches

  • Relaxation practice

​Birth preparation based on Birthlight Yoga and HypnoBirthing

  • Understand our body's perfect design and how to use it for labor

  • Specific breathing practices for labor

  • The perfect environment for a beautiful birth experience

  • Your Partner's Role during labor and birth

  • Partner Practices to support you during labor and birth

  • and much more

Parents' workshops based on systemic and solution-focused coaching

  • Prepare to grow into your life as a parent

  • Develop a vision for your life as a parent

  • Define your dreams, hopes and wishes

  • Understand your own needs and those of your partner better

  • Clarify expectations towards yourself and your partner

  • Set priorities for life as a mom or dad

  • How to stay connected as a couple

  • Make a plan for your best life as parents

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