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In this video:

  • poses to use during labor to deal with contractions
  • poses to use during labor to rotate your baby if needed
  • poses to use during labor to bring progress
  • poses that help to prevent lower back pain, or to release it when needed 
  • a flow to strengthen the legs to build stamina
  • a flow to lengthen your psoas muscle to create openness and more space for your baby
  • nadi shodhana breathing for calming effect
  • calm breathing that you can use during labor and anytime you feel anxious 
  • guided final relaxation 


Length of a video in total: 57 min.


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why yoga:

  • to feel better today
  • to prepare your body for labor, and help your baby get into the most optimal position for birth
  • to practice poses that you can also use during labor
  • so they get into your system


How to practice:

  • You will need a yoga mat, blanket, meditation pillow (or any pillow), one yoga block (or a box filled with something, low stool, or a coffee table), and a bolster (a long pillow, breastfeeding pillow or a pregnancy sleeping pillow)
  • Ideally you can stream it on a bigger screen next to you
  • If the sound of your laptop / phone is low, you may like to use Bluetooth earbuds
  • The whole sequence takes around 60 minutes, incl. breathing and guided relaxation at the end. You can always decide to shorten it, or only do breathing & relaxation on days that you simply need it more

60-min-yoga-class to prepare your body for labor (Pre-recorded)

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