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4 videos in this bundle:

  • V-massage (partner practice) (3 min)
  • Three dimensional breathing (partner practice) (2 min)
  • Rebozo practice to relieve lower back pain (partner practice) (1 min 30 sec)
  • 7-min-yoga class focusing on lower back pain (7 min 30 sec)


Length of all videos in total: 14 min


After booking we will send you links to the videos for your use.


Why addressing lower back pain:

  • When we care for our baby we often compromise the way we sit, stand and sleep
  • Feeding takes many hours, and it's not always possible for us to set up a comfortable sitting position for feeding, hence we may experience lower back pain afterwards
  • When we feel tired and feel pains in our bodies, it becomes difficult for us to keep the energy high to care for ourselves and our baby. It's important to take a break and address the pains.


How to practice:

  • For the yoga video, you will need a yoga mat, meditation pillow (or any pillow), one yoga block (or a box filled with something, low stool, or a coffee table), one blanket (for under your knees when you are on hands and knees), and a bolster (a long pillow, breastfeeding pillow or a pregnancy sleeping pillow)
  • For partner practices: you will need (ideally) a chair, sitting ball, a stool (chair without a back, so your partner can easily acess your back), two blankets (one to place over the ball, and one for under the knees of your partner), and a rebozo (or a long wooven scarf that doesn't stretch to imitate rebozo)
  • Ideally you can stream it on a bigger screen next to you 
  • If the sound of your laptop / phone is low, you may like to use Bluetooth earbuds for the yoga flow


Always talk to your midwife, health visitor or GP before starting anything strenuous, or if you are not sure whether an exercise is right for you.


Bundle: Lower back pain relief (4 pre-recorded classes)

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