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In this video:

  • Guidance around the set-up for relaxation
  • Calm breathing technique from HypnoBirthing
  • HypnoBirthing script


Length of a video in total: 10 min 32 sec


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why hypnosis:

  • Self-hypnosis is becoming increasingly popular as a means of labor pain management.
  • The women in the recent study by BMC generally appreciated antenatal self-hypnosis training and found it to be beneficial during labor and birth. What is hypnosis:
  • It's a deep state of relaxation when we can access our subconscious, and we become open for suggestions
  • It's based on the laws of the mind. Two worth mentioning here as well:
  1. 'our body is a robot' - nothing starts in our body until it starts in our head. Think placebo effect
  2. 'we can have one association with one thing' - so if you think that something is green, it will be green until you think it's yellow or red, or blue. If we think that giving birth is going to be a terrible experience, then we are more likely to look for signs to confirm what we expect.


How do we use it when preparing for birth:

  • We get into the deep relaxed state - with breathing, meditation, progressive relaxation or other tools
  • So we can access our subconscious
  • And then we do some work with hypnobirthing scripts: either to release fears, so we are not triggered negatively during birth; or to replace negative with positive expectations towards birth; or we play - to feel how our mind may impact our body


How to practice:

  • You can practice with a teacher in a deep relaxation class or when joining a hypnobirthing course
  • You can also practice at home by listening to self-hypnosis scripts like this one
  • The more you listen to your favorite scripts, the better they work. The idea is that you are sort of 'programming yourself' to the text, sound, music in the background. So the more you practice, the quicker you go into that relaxed state.
  • You can also use it when giving birth, and you can also use it when you already have your baby, for yourself and for your baby to find the feeling of calmness that you associated with it before


Deep Relaxation (Pre-recorded class)

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