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In this video:

  • Guidance around the set-up for relaxation
  • Tutorial with the practice
  • Tips on when to use it in pregnancy, and during labor


Length of a video in total: 4 min 34 sec


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why we do the light touch massage:

  • To release endorphins which are natural hormones when it comes to reducing sensations and our perception of pain.
  • The release of endorphins by the nerves inhibits some or all of the pain messages going up to the brain.
  • For many women, endorphins will also positively alter the memory of their birth experience and in some cases induce an amnesic, dreamy effect.
  • If you are exploring natural ways to induce labor, you may also try the light touch massage. Similar as nipple stimulation (and in combination with it).



Light Touch Massage (Pre-recorded class)

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