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In this video:

  • The principles around the exercise
  • Guidance around the set-up and what's needed
  • Guided visualization


Length of a video in total: 9 min 38 sec


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why we do it:

  • Our mind works in miraculous ways.
  • Whenever you are able to visualize a dream, a wish, a goal or a vision, it becomes much easier for our mind to find the way to making it happen.
  • By visualizing every aspect of your ideal parenting life, you'll not only be able to understand clearer where you want to put focus and priority and what's important to you, but also truly create a vision that you can actively work towards realizing.


The more details you can imagine, the clearer and the more realistic the picture becomes.


At the same time, looking back at certain events in our lives makes it often easier to understand which aspects, activities or areas of your life were most important to you. That, in turn, enables you to make choices for the future that will be fully aligned with your vision and your ideal life as a parent.


The underlaying principle of this exercise is called regnosis - developing a prognosis for your life by putting yourself in the shoes of your older self.


Parenting coaching - Guided visualization (Pre-recorded class)

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