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In this video:

  • postnatal yoga flow for mamas from week 6 after a straightforward vaginal birth, and from week 10 after a caesarean birth
  • poses to release and soften tension in shoulders
  • poses to release potential pain in lower back
  • poses to slowly strengthen your body


Length of a video in total: 29 min 58 sec


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why postnatal yoga:

  • To bring some ease into the body and help with potential pains from carrying & feeding your baby (e.g. lower back or shoulders)
  • Regular activity can relax you, keep you fit and help you feel more energetic.
  • It can also help your body recover after childbirth and may help prevent postnatal depression.


How to practice:

  • You will need a yoga mat, meditation pillow (or any pillow), one yoga block (or a box filled with something, low stool, or a coffee table), one blanket (for under your knees when you are on hands and knees), and a bolster (a long pillow, breastfeeding pillow or a pregnancy sleeping pillow)
  • Ideally you can stream it on a bigger screen next to you 
  • If the sound of your laptop / phone is low, you may like to use Bluetooth earbuds
  • The whole sequence takes around 30 minutes. You can always decide to shorten it and focus on specific poses, or extend it with extra relaxation at the end


Always talk to your midwife, health visitor or GP before starting anything strenuous, or if you are not sure whether an exercise is right for you.


Postnatal yoga flow (Pre-recorded class)

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