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In this video:

  • poses to use during labor to deal with contractions
  • poses to use during labor to rotate your baby if needed
  • poses to use during labor to bring progress
  • breath work to use for calming your mind today, and during labor
  • poses that help to prevent lower back pain, or to release it when needed 
  • a flow to strengthen the legs to build stamina
  • a flow to lengthen your psoas muscle to create openness and more space for your baby


Length of a video in total: 40 min.


After booking we will send you a link to the video for your use.


Why yoga:

  • to feel better today
  • to prepare your body for labor, and help your baby get into the most optimal position for birth
  • to practice poses that you can also use during labor
  • so they get into your system


How to practice:

  • You will need a yoga mat, blanket, meditation pillow (or any pillow), one yoga block (or a box filled with something, low stool, or a coffee table), and a bolster (a long pillow, breastfeeding pillow or a pregnancy sleeping pillow)
  • Ideally you can stream it on a bigger screen next to you
  • If the sound of your laptop / phone is low, you may like to use Bluetooth earbuds
  • The whole sequence takes around 40 minutes. It would be great if you add about 10min of final relaxation / savasana (or more!) at the end.
  • During savasana put on your favorite music, or if you have it already, your playlist for labor. This way you start getting used to relaxing to it already today, so it works easier when you give birth.

40-min-yoga-class to prepare your body for labor (Pre-recorded)

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