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Anne Hermans has lived and taught Yoga in Vietnam for a few years, this is where her Yoga journey started. Eventually she found her way back to Amsterdam where she is now sharing all that she has learned during these years.


Anne is passionate about guiding pregnant women on their journey to become loving and aware mothers. Her support on your journey starts with prenatal Yoga and then moves into postnatal Yoga, baby massage and kids Yoga. 

Kasia met Anne in Amsterdam when the two of them were asked from one day to another to give a workshop together, to share with other yoga teachers how to help pregnant women in their classes. Kasia and Anne didn't know each other then, they never met before, yet it felt like they knew each other forever! 

Here is where you can read more about Anne's work.

Anne's classes at Mamamoon School

Prenatal Yoga.jpg


For all stages of pregnancy, helping you with addressing pregnancy pains like lower back pain, insomnia, cramps, headaches etc. Time to move, breathe, relax and connect with your baby..

Young Mother and Baby


The cutest yoga classes ever! Time for you and your baby, allowing you to move and have fun with your little one at the same time! For all moms 6 weeks after birth if vaginal birth, 10 weeks if c-section with babies before they start to have their own opinion where to crawl, so till about 6 months ;)

Little Baby Feet


Connect with your baby and learn one of the most important skills in parenting life: how to make your baby relaxed, sleep easier and deeper, and be the happy joyful selves to the fullest!

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