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Conscious Breathing Course

To get rid off stress and overwhelmed feelings..

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Life can feel chaotic sometimes, isn't it? 

Probably more often than you would like...


Some days it feels like you don't have any time for yourself. Even when you sit down you have thoughts in your head of things to do next. 


If you are expecting your baby, the list of things to organize, and take care of can be endless, taking up that little space left between work, family, and friends. 


If you are already a mum, you very well know that time has become one of the most expensive commodities these days. 


And the worries! The "what if"! 

The expectations passed down from society, suffocating your need to explore and learn what this world of motherhood is all about. 


The truth is that you try. You do. 


You try to be a good mum, whatever that means to you. 


You want to be able to have more connection with your baby (and enjoy all stages of pregnancy) while deepening the one with your partner. 


You want to go through all the changes smoothly and graciously. 


You want to enjoy every day and recover quickly to get to have more fun and ease with your family. 


How do you get there though? 

You don't have time or energy to add more pressure to your schedule, it already feels like you have enough on your plate. 


The solution is quite easy, and it's already available to you. 


It can be as simple as you want to make it.  

You can have multiple 5 minutes a day or an extra 30 minutes. 

Time will slow down for you, like magic. 


This is the Power of Relaxation, of real Relaxation. 

Something you can reach Mastering your Breath. 


There are lots of reasons why learning this skill.


You can bend time (well, kinda. But you will notice that everything feels slower and more approachable)​.


No need for fancy equipment or tools, you just need a cozy space and something to sit on comfortably. 


Pranayama (the art of Breathing) is an excellent tool to have before, during, and after pregnancy to support you navigate the challenges of everyday life. 


This course is for moms and moms-to-be, exercises are adjusted according to the stage of the pregnancy.



You will experience all sorts of benefits: 

  • More clarity

  • More awareness of your breathing capacity (helpful during labour and birth)

  • More calmness

  • More relaxation and better sleep

  • Improved bonding with baby and family

For who:
  • For all women! Pregnant, or not!

  • Very beneficial if you are experiencing a moment of stress, or if you have a habit of overthinking.

  • Amazing skill for life really, it is a tool to handle the emotional rollercoaster that life can be, before, during and after the pregnancy

  • For anyone that wants to take care of their bodies, as well as their nervous system

  • It's the perfect addition to your stretching or yoga routine, if you have one. If you don't it's a great step to explore the world of meditation and the connection between body, mind and emotions




  • The price for 7 classes in total, is € 140,-. incl. VAT

  • Included in the price:

  • 7 live sessions via Zoom 45 mins each

  • Access to class recordings for a period of 12 months

  • Possibility to always reach out with any questions during and after attending the course to Manuela and Mamamoon team

This course is also possible to join by following only one or more sessions at 25EUR per session. You will find single sessions under Workshops on the Mamamoon School Schedule.


The 7 online weekly classes of 50min are happening live starting Thursday 4th November, at 8PM (Amsterdam Time zone). If you can’t be there live, you will also receive the recordings through email.

Exact dates & topics:

Thursday, November 4th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Introduction to Pranayama and Dirga Pranayama

Thursday, November 11th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Benefit of pranayama and Exploration of Badhakonasana (Butterfly pose)

Thursday, November 18th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate nostrils breathing)

Thursday, November 25th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Sitali Pranayama

Thursday, December 2nd, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Bhramari Pranayama (cooling breath)

Thursday, December 9th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Ujjayi breath

Thursday, December 16th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: review of the techniques, Q/A and emotional management techniques

What you will need:

  • We don't need special equipment for this course

  • Comfortable and loose clothing, that keeps you warm

  • A quiet space for you to practice and relax, with a comfortable seat (it can be a pillow, a chair, your couch. As far as you can keep your back straight it is great). Some stretching is incorporated in the practice, ideally you have a little space to move around

  • A notebook, or a diary to note intentions, sensations, differences observed during the practice



Thursday, November 4th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Introduction to Pranayama and Dirga Pranayama

It is one of techniques that you can actively use during labor to calm yourself down. Especially beneficial to do after transitioning from home to the hospital/birthing center, or when you are simply overwhelmed. But not only. The benefits are amazing for any phase of your life.

General benefits of Dirga Pranayama: 

  • Deep breathing will help oxygenate your blood, nourishing your entire body.

  • When you are under stress, your breath may be quick and shallow. Intentional breathing as in this practice will help calm you.

  • Greater oxygen flow to the brain will help you become more focused and alert.

  • This technique is taught to relieve stress and even to address panic attacks.

  • You can use it throughout the day whenever you are feeling tension.

Thursday, November 11th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Benefit of pranayama and Exploration of Badhakonasana (Butterfly pose)

General benefits of Baddha Konasana: 

  • This technique bring awareness and strength into the hip region,

  • Lengthens the groins and inner thighs 

  • Nourishes and stimulates the internal organs, increasing blood flow 

  • Overall, this pose helps to improve the quality of circulation within the body (both blood and lymphatic)

Thursday, November 18th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate nostrils breathing)

General benefits of Nadi Shodhana: 

  • Extremely calming effect after at least 5 rounds of this breath

  • It helps when we experience sleep issues - great to do before we go sleep so we fall asleep deeper, and take more out of the sleep we have

  • It helps when we experience headaches

  • It helps improve neuromuscular coordination, blood circulation, blood pressure and relieves body ache.

  • This slow breathing technique causes blood vessels to relax and widen, thereby improving cardiovascular health


Thursday, November 25th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Sitali Pranayama

Sitali Pranayama - often called “the cooling breath,” is a breath practice that cools the body and has a calming effect on the nervous system. Both are amazing when we are pregnant and during postpartum times when our hormones may make us experience waves of hot rushes, and we often deal with anxiety and fears..

General benefits of Sitali Pranayama: 

  • This breath is said to calm thirst and hunger, cultivate love of solitude, as well as reduce fatigue, bad breath, fevers, and high blood pressure

Thursday, December 2nd, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Bhramari Pranayama (cooling breath)

Bhramari Pranayama or Bumblebee Breath, which is a calming breath practice that can be performed anywhere. Amazing calming down effect in just few moments! A must-known tool for any mom and mom-to-be as we simply need it more often!

General benefits of Bhramari Pranayama: 

  • It nurtures peace in your being, which in turn, results in self-healing.

  • The Bhramari Pranayama lowers one's blood pressure, thus relieving hypertension.

  • It releases cerebral tension, hence it is recommended as a nightly routine yoga for better sleep.

  • It soothes the nerves.

Thursday, December 9th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: Ujjayi breath

This technique is a must when we are pregnant, and during postpartum times! When pregnant it helps us to calm down, but we can also actively use it during labor in the last birthing phase when we are close to meet our little one. And once we have our baby with us, it helps us calm them down and ourselves as well! The soft sound that we create while using Ujjayi breath is similar to the white noise that babies simply love, so definitely a technique which we want to be familiar with during the long nights when our babies prefer playing around rather than going back to sleep ;-)

General benefits of Ujjayi breath: 

  • It soothes the nervous system, calms the mind and increases psychic sensitivity.

  • It relieves insomnia, slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

  • It is a tranquilizing pranayama, but it also has a heating effect, stimulating the process of oxidation.

Thursday, December 16th, 8.00PM - 8.50PM CET: review of the techniques, Q/A and emotional management techniques

We will review here the techniques, and answer any questions you may have after attending any of the previous classes of the course.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
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Manuela is an energy healer, Reiki Master, masseur, and avid explorer of different holistic and sustainable ways of living.

After a burnout in her early twenties, while preparing her thesis in a Chemistry lab, she decided to explore a more natural approach to stress and her mood swings, going back in touch with a long-time passion of hers, energy healing, and Reiki.

Following her Intuition, she ended up traveling seven years between Australia, New Zealand, and India, going back to the gardens, and Nature. She decided to travel exploring different and new techniques, immersing herself in the life of many talented therapists, which exposed her to some amazing and impactful methods.

During that time, she arrived in a place of peace within herself, having deep-dived in her self-development and learned and applied methods to shift mindset and subconscious patterns.

Since 2015 she guides other women so they can master the art of living in Alignment within themselves, in their personal life, their career, and within their family.

Her offers continuously evolve, Women circles, Reiki events, coaching, and workshop.

All that journey brought her and her business to Amsterdam, where she lives for 3 years, continuously amazed by the wonders that the city can offer.

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