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Lara moved to Amsterdam from Italy at 30 years old with her husband and baby son, after having lived in 5 countries before The Netherlands. She had her second baby in Amsterdam and was working full-time when she felt it was time for a career change. She chose her passion for sports as the first step to a new life, so she earned the Personal Training certification and then specialized in Pre and Postnatal fitness and later on in the Hypopressive Method.


Choosing to dedicate her life to fitness was a natural choice for her.


She was active her entire life but it wasn’t until a major surgery in her late twenties that she had the chance to fully appreciate the benefits that movement can bring.

She used exercise through her physical and mental rehabilitation and she was in awe of what her body could achieve and of the sense of empowerment that came with those achievements.


Fast forward a few years, after her two pregnancies, she witnessed first-hand how incredible and tough the pre and postpartum period is.

Again she turned to exercise to feel healthy and strong; this is when she decided to leave behind nearly 10 years of corporate life and found We Mamas to bring all the joy and empowerment feeling to other women.

What you do as a mama is pretty amazing and she will be the person reminding you of that as you tone your muscles and get more than a few smiles and laughs in!


You can learn more about We Mamas here.

You can contact her for:

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