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Maroesja started her yoga path in 2001. She found her own practice in Astanga yoga, but always kept open to other forms of yoga. Because ultimately the purpose of yoga is to calm the mind. How we find or experience that can be very personal. Together with her interest in philosophy and the scientific and medical background of yoga this led her to study yoga therapy at The Yoga Therapy Institute.

At the age of forty-six she became pregnant - no longer expected but very, very welcome - and is a proud mom of a two-year-old boy.

In her classes she hopes to inspire other women to exercise healthily, safely and with pleasure in this special phase of their lives (pregnancy and postpartum) and how they can consciously integrate yoga practices into their lives in order to feel better.

Kasia met Maroesja on the yoga mat. They practiced together every morning for couple of years, and then they got pregnant around the same time, so were able to share yoga and pregnancy, and practice with their boys in the shala as well. Maroesja is carrying so much dedication, passion and positivity, that you will be in absolutely best hands during a class with her..

Here is where you can follow Maroesja's path as well.

Maroesja's classes at Mamamoon School



If you look for a moment during the day where you can both unwind and support your body with a nourishing and supportive practice, this might be a good class. Every week we focus on getting the prana moving after a day sitting or standing too long: we open up the upper body, stabilize the pelvis and learn how to access to our breath to create relaxation.

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