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About The Team

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

We started Mamamoon Retreats as a team of two moms-to-be. With a vision in our heads and a lot of enthusiasm to turn it into reality. 

But right from the start, we were more than lucky that we could count on the love and support of our Mamamoon Team to make our ideas come to life.

It's our pleasure to introduce them here - 

and you're in luck:

All of them work as freelancers, too, so if you're looking for the best in their specialities to work with - look no further! 

Bianca Alexiuc

Our Pregnancy, Newborn & Family Photographer

A week passes by, a month, a year, a decade. Before we know it, our little ones aren't so little anymore...

Bianca (33) joyfully dedicates her working life to photography, with one of her specialties being pregnancy, newborn and family photography.


Her photoshoots are designed as a space where families get the chance to stop time for a little while and share a couple precious moments together. She creates a candid and playful experience, while capturing all of that amazing energy in photographs, because one never really knows how much they'll value looking back on them later. You can see Bianca's photography not only over here on Mamamoon's website, but on her own website, too:

What gives Bianca purpose in this world is the idea of creating a positive impact in her community through photographs which she hopes will bring joy and be treasured within a family for generations to come. Moreover, she's inspired and humbled by the pure delight of expecting parents, the serenity and authenticity of children, the happiness of families welcoming a newborn into their universe. 

  • Instagram Bianca Alexiuc

Josephine van den Nieuwendijk

Our Social Media Wizkid

At the time of writing (March 2020), Josephine is almost 8 months pregnant with her first child, a baby girl.

She finished my Bachelor degree in dance and education in 2014 and worked as a dancer and dance teacher until April 2017.


Her love for traveling and her curiosity to see the world made her switch jobs in 2016, when she started to work as a flight attendant. 

Besides her passion for traveling, Josephine loves to help inspiring businesses and people to grow their online community. Logically, she started working as a social content creator in 2019.

At Mamamoon, Josephine puts her passion and expertise to work on our social media channels, making sure we're as present as we need to be to transport our story and mission out in the world. 

For more information about Josephine or her work, check her Instagram profile or email her directly

  • Instagram Josephine van den Nieuwendijk

Mark Power

Our Movie Maker

Growing up in a small Irish town, Mark developed a keen interest in photography and storytelling already in his childhood and youth. He kept that interest as an adult and decided to make a living out of his passion.

By now, Mark has spent over 7 years working as a corporate video & documentary filmmaker in both North America and Europe, specializing in cinematography and editing.


Mark comes across as kind of an old soul, and so it is no wonder that for him, the best part about choosing a life in film are the conversations you have and the great people you meet along the way.

At Mamamoon, Mark constantly manages to capture the beauty and intensity of our Mamamoon Retreats on film - creating memories for all Mamamoon Moms can re-live over and over again. 

For more information about Mark or his work, check his Instagram profile or reach out directly

  • Instagram Mark Power

Sabrina Notarnicola

Our Fitness & Health Coach

Sabrina is a passionate fitness and health coach offering tailored body flow workouts and plant medicine workshops.
Since being pregnant she is currently focusing on smooth baby belly flows and essential stretching routines. 

Sabrina has always been into moving the body, natural solutions and a holistic health approach. 
Two years ago she found a new passion in the endless wisdom of essential oils, now offering group workshops and private wellness consults aiming to guide people on their way to becoming their most vital and sane version of themselves.

At Mamamoon, Sabrina brings her genius in through essential oil consultations, primarily focusing on pregnancy, birthing and postpartum, when always favoring a holistic approach to people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

For more information about Sabrina and her work, check her Instagram profile or email her directly

  • Instagram Sabri.Na.Nina
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