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Natalie Angstadt

Natalie is half American, half Belgian, is a Native English speaker, and grew up in the USA. Before becoming a doula, she worked in client services for e-commerce and software companies, and she finds that having these diverse experiences really helps her to sympathise and connect with a wide range of families.

For her doula training, she initially studied with Liliana Lammers and the famous French obstetrician Michel Odent. This training shaped her doula philosophy. Michel Odent has a famous saying, which is “to change the world, we must first change the way babies are being born”. When we start to trust what the body can do, we can avoid disturbing a birthing person unnecessarily. Her job as a doula is to help create a personalized environment for you to feel relaxed, at ease and safe, allowing you to connect with your baby and your body. She believes this starts with building a beautiful connection with her clients, built on trust, openness and respect for their unique journeys, whether that leads them to birth at home, at the birth centre or hospital. 


She is also extremely passionate about breastfeeding, and recognizes the connection between a positive birth experience and confidence/ease in breastfeeding. She recognizes that breastfeeding is HARD, and requires a lot of love, support and often guidance from professionals and/or peers. She is currently studying to be a Lactation Consultant, and works closely with Marieke van Luin, who is her mentor and teacher. 

She offers comprehensive packages which range from emotional, physical and informative pregnancy and childbirth preparation, to Hypnobirthing courses.

She loves connecting with parents and parents-to-be, so feel free to get in touch for a free initial chat.

Here is where you can read more about Natalie's work. And here are her contact details: / +31 (0)621 366 879

Natalie's classes at Mamamoon School



Learn everything about improving the latch for more comfortable feeding and more effective intake for yourself and for your baby. Simple and practical tips that will make your breastfeeding journey smoother!

Breast Milk Pump


If you are planning to go back to work while breastfeeding, this class is a must! Pumping, storing, milk bank and more!



Would you like to get more freedom when breastfeeding? Learn everything about feeding "pillow-free". Think here more vertical and natural positions,  the how to's and the why's..

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