Mamamoon One Day Retreat in Amsterdam, March 6!

Your essentials for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting in one day!


Mamamoon One Day retreat is meant for moms to be at any stage of their pregnancy, and for their birthing partner (can also be a friend who joins you on your birthing day). Having a partner at your side during the pregnancy journey who understands what you are going through and is able to support you every step of the way is extremely helpful throughout the whole process.

During this one day retreat you will not only get a solid preparation for pregnancy and labor, but you will also reflect on your vision of parenting journey that is just ahead of you. Our goal is for you to leave after the day feeling that you have all the right tools to use during labor. And most of all, that you are excited about meeting your baby, feeling confident and comfortable with your choices for pregnancy, birth, and the time afterwards..

There is limited space available for the event to secure we can give the right attention to all our participants. Prices below cover both mom-to-be and her birthing partner.


We will start at 10.00 sharp, and finish by 18.30. Around 13.00 we will serve a delicious and healthy lunch. Other tasty snacks and drinks will be also served throughout the day. Exact program for the day will be shared with participants before the event. If you have any specific questions right now, email us at

What you can expect during that day:

  • Prenatal yoga class based on Birthlight 

  • Birth Preparation workshop based on HypnoBirthing and Birthlight practices

  • “Growing into parenthood” coaching workshop

  • Deep relaxation practice based on HypnoBirthing

  • Delicious and healthy food throughout the whole day

  • Building your future support network with other parents-to-be and birth professionals joining the workshops

* Earlybird price * = €350,- (until the end of January)
* Regular price * = €389,-

Note: please check with your health insurance about their policy with respect to birth preparation courses. Since a big part of Mamamoon Retreat program is a birth preparation course, it is very likely that your insurance provider will cover at least part of the cost.


Mamamoon Retreats

The White Door Studio in Amsterdam is a serene oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city, a hidden garden with a myriad of opportunities...


Sarah and Emily have been traveling around the world expanding and broadening the boundaries of their bodies and minds since 2013.  In search of magic and grounding through sensory experiences.

The White Door Studio brings to life both their individual and collective journeys. All the things they value from the perspectives of both their bodies and minds and the themes they value and nurture the most. The Studio is home to many forms of expression: an intimate workshop space, an elegant dining room or an enchanting shelter to create or stretch the body and mind. A beacon for everything that makes you happy or balanced.

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