Emilia is a chef and a yoga teacher - from profession, and a student of natural healing practices: herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and healing nutrition - from passion. 

Besides that, a mother of baby Nella, passionate about aware parenting, nature, holistic self-development and growing food. 

As she learned through personal experience, our digestion and emotional balance are closely connected. What and how we eat has far bigger effects on our entire being than just to supply energy, and we have the power to help our bodies operate at their best through tuning in to its needs, changing seasons, and our unique constitutions, as well as at times of the heightened needs for nutrition, such as when pregnant or nursing. 
She wants to share what she learned, and help mothers in the pursue of their inner homeostasis, while efficiently supplying the nutritional needs, through the means of food, herbs and movement.

Emilia and Bruno joined Kasia for a HypnoBirthing course, during that time Kasia also got introduced to Emilia's delicious soups and got totally addicted. Now with Emi, Bruno and Nella being back in Poland the Mamamoon School is a way for them to further share what they love and stay in touch as well.


Here is where you can follow Emilia's work for some cooking inspiration, as well as tips and tricks.

Emilia's classes at Mamamoon School

Natural Herbs

Next class: June 27th at 10am


a guide to a safe herb consumption and support during the time when taking care of the baby & yourself is of utmost importance.


  • Discover best nourishing herbs for daily support,

  • what to avoid,

  • what helps to have quality rest,

  • herbs which help to ease labor discomforts,

  • those that give support during lactation and postpartum inner & outer care.

  • Learn how to prepare them yourself using enclosed recipes, or where to source quality products online.

Soup Mama Amsterdam.JPG

Next class: July 4th at 10am


Ever wondered how you can make cooking more efficient while maximizing  the nutrition profile of what you eat? Always wanted to eat healthy but it seemed too complicated, too unknown, too much? 

In this class we will cover key ingredients to have in your kitchen when pregnant and postpartum, a few cooking tricks to get what's best from your food, and a Soup Mama special - soup making 101! See for yourself that healthy & nutritious doesn't have to be perfect, time consuming, or difficult!

Note: we will not be cooking during the class, so you can decide to join even last minute ;-) You will get a tone of tips for your home cooking, and Emilia will share an easy and delicious soup recipe at the end.