Originally from Brazil, spent part of her life in Amsterdam, and now living her dream life in Bonaire.. Isadora's life story was not always a smooth road, but it brought her where her heart wanted to be. Her passion is to live a healthy, happy, and wealthy life. She is doing exactly that and more! Thanks to the power of essential oils and the community around it, she connects women and create a soulful space where they can thrive in their business and personal lives.

At the Mamamoon School Isadora will be sharing her amazing experience of working with essential oils. She has been healing her body and her family purely with the support of essential oils. As a mother of one, and soon two, she has not only the knowledge but also the experience of her own on how to use essential oils when pregnant, after childbirth or during motherhood life in general.

You can read more about Isadora's work on her website here, or by following her here to be up to date about essential oils.

Isadora's classes at Mamamoon School

Applying Essential Oil


Did you know that the tiny molecules of essential oils can support your overall health and wellbeing in your pregnancy - especially supporting your sleep, reducing nausea and anxiety, caretaking your skin, boosting your immune system, naturally induce labor and priming your emotions for comfort and safety? And there is even more, considering that essential oils can work on all your body systems like your endocrine, digestive, nervous and immune system! Got you curious? Dive into the magic of essential oils and plant medicine in an insightful exchange from mom to mom.



Being one of the most loving and affectionate times, postpartum can also be new and challenging. Insomnia, anxiety, headaches and remarkable physical changes are only a few things that might be going on in the first weeks of mamahood. Learn how the powerful active substances of essential oils can support your emotional wellbeing, balance your hormones sooth your skin and heal your body. Got you curious? Dive into the magic of essential oils and plant medicine in an insightful exchange from mom to mom.

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Essential oils can work on all our body systems, considering that all systems are so amazingly connected to one another.
So approximately 70% of our immune cells are produced in our gut and lymphatic system, thus being linked with our digestive system. Whereas our digestive and our immune system are at the same time impacted by our endocrine and our nervous system.
Isn’t this mind-blowing? If this makes you curious, join our beautiful exchange on the magical plant components collected in essential oils and learn how you can support all your body systems in your pregnancy and postpartum.