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Manuela is an energy healer, Reiki Master, masseur, and avid explorer of different holistic and sustainable ways of living.

After a burnout in her early twenties, while preparing her thesis in a Chemistry lab, she decided to explore a more natural approach to stress and her mood swings, going back in touch with a long-time passion of hers, energy healing, and Reiki.

Following her Intuition, she ended up traveling seven years between Australia, New Zealand, and India, going back to the gardens, and Nature. She decided to travel exploring different and new techniques, immersing herself in the life of many talented therapists, which exposed her to some amazing and impactful methods.

During that time, she arrived in a place of peace within herself, having deep-dived in her self-development and learned and applied methods to shift mindset and subconscious patterns.

Since 2015 she guides other women so they can master the art of living in Alignment within themselves, in their personal life, their career, and within their family.

Her offers continuously evolve, Women circles, Reiki events, coaching, and workshop.

All that journey brought her and her business to Amsterdam, where she lives for 3 years, continuously amazed by the wonders that the city can offer.

You can read more about Manuela's work on her website here, or by following her here to be up to date about her daily work.

Manuela's classes at Mamamoon School



Babies and children are sensitive beings, highly attuned and impacted by their surroundings.

In this class, you will experience how to create a deeply nourishing and connected space with and for your baby, to support their well-being spiritually, emotionally, as well as physically .

Energy healing can support your baby not only creating deep relaxation and a sense of calmness and connection. Can also alleviate the discomfort during teething, colics, sleep problems and so.

Note: suitable for moms and moms-to-be. No prior experience with energy healing is needed. 



Mastering the Art of Breathing (Pranayama) is a potent tool for any mom and mom-to-be, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We all know that good breathing helps with the level of oxygen in the mom's system, important for the growth of the baby.
Pranayama can do more though, it also increases energy level and strength, promotes a mindful mindset, and supports good emotional health, all important factors during and after the pregnancy.

Every week we explore a different technique and how it can support your daily life.

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