We met Mirjam when looking for postpartum specialists who would join our Mamamoon Tribe during retreats. She has been highly recommended by many women we worked with for her amazing treatments during pregnancy, and postpartum time. We expected to meet a highly skilled woman, and we did! But there was more!


When you meet Mirjam you put yourself in hands of someone who is not only experienced with helping other women, but also extremely passionate about what she does, with excellent care, and warmth. 

Here is what you could contact Mirjam for:

  • to prepare your body and mind for pregnancy

  • connecting with your baby during pregnancy through massage

  • easing physical or emotional discomfort in pregnancy

  • preparing your placenta for optimal recovery after birth

  • postpartum recovery plan for your body, mind and soul

  • caring for your abdomen and wellbeing after a difficult birth

  • being welcomed into motherhood with tlc

  • if you find you deserve to be pampered big time!

Here is where you can read more about Mirjam's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Mirjam some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.

Mirjam's classes at Mamamoon School

Vaginal steaming.jpg


For whom, when, why? Can I prepare it myself? If it's not applicable for me, is there another treatment that could serve the same purpose?

Postpartum care.jpg


What are the key principles of postpartum time? How to best plan for it? Which treatments I could / should do and which to avoid? Simple practices to recover faster..



Why and for whom? What are the benefits? When should I plan for it? How to use it afterwards? How much time does the method take? Is it for use by myself or my baby too?