Nina - Parenting and Postpartum Coaching

Nina has been a coach and mentor in her career for the past 10 years. Her passion is to help people develop new perspectives and approaches to the challenges in their lives. As a real go-getter, in her workshops and sessions, she is using elements and techniques from different coaching methodologies and mentoring approaches to help you achieve what you set as a goal for yourself.

To see you grow, empower yourself to fulfill your dreams and take charge of your life is the ultimate driver for her as a coach.

After 10 years in a corporate career, she has set up her own coaching business, is organizing female founders events in Germany, is working her own start-up, and enjoying being a mom to her little boy born July 2019. 

Nina co-founded Mamamoon together with Kasia in 2019. You can reach out to her at or directly follow her activities here.

Nina's classes at Mamamoon School


Prepare for your postpartum time also in view of your relationship dynamics!


We cannot predict everything, how life would unfold after having a baby, yes. But we can prepare ourselves for change that comes with it. Nina will take you on a visualization journey which may not answer all the questions, yet it would be a start of the conversation that we all should have before birth, rather than afterwards..


What is mindfulness? How it can help us during pregnancy and parenting? Is it something for you? Do you need to plan a start for it, or can you start using the tools straight away. And more!