Ombretta is one of those people that when you meet her you feel suddenly calm, and happy :-) Luckily for us, apart from her warm Italian personality she has also specialized in areas that are so helpful for us when we are on our pregnancy and motherhood journey. When pregnant she will support you as a doula, you can visit her for a relaxing massage, she will share with you wisdom of Ayurveda with nutritional advice and simple daily practices, and you can join her for a gentle prenatal yoga flow. During postpartum journey she can step in as a postpartum doula with relaxing and healing treatments, help your body regain its strength using yoga therapy, and so much more.

Kasia met Ombretta in one of her teacher trainings, and since then their journeys crossed each other all the time. So it was also natural that when Kasia was pregnant, she came to Ombretta for all the goodness.

You could contact Ombretta for:

  • Nutritional & lifestyle advice from the very beginning of your pregnancy to your postpartum 

  • Prenatal and postnatal massages

  • Struggling with some pregnancy conditions for which you would like natural remedies (i.e. morning sickness, tummy discomfort, gestational diabetes, sciatic pain)

  • Overdue/breaking water with no contractions support

  • Birth doula 

  • Postnatal care (i.e. herbal preparation, massages, vaginal steam, sitz bath or coaching on planning your postpartum)

  • Postpartum professional caregiver 

  • Rebozo closing ceremonies

Here is where you can read more about Ombretta's work.

And here a link to a podcast we did with Ombretta some time ago, so you can get some first insights already.

Ombretta's classes at Mamamoon School

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If you look for a moment during the day where you can both unwind and support your body with a nourishing and supportive practice, this might be a good class. Every week we focus on getting the prana moving after a day sitting or standing too long: we open up the upper body, stabilize the pelvis and learn how to access to our breath to create relaxation.

Natural Herbs


What is Ayurveda and how can you use this medical system to recover during your postpartum time? This class is open to both expecting mothers and mom’s that just had their baby and want to connect and reach out for tips (babies are welcomed), nevertheless we recommend to attend this class anytime during the third trimester of pregnancy. Topics for the classes:

  • 3rd June: what is the Sacred Postpartum Window? Why it is important to plan the next 40 days after childbirth? What are the 3 main pillars, the stages and how I can approach them? When I can start to take action?

  • 10th June: what should I eat and drink right after childbirth? What about the first 3 days when I’m preparing for the letdown of milk? What are my allies during the first 10 days postpartum?

  • 17th June: week 2 and 3 postpartum it’s the moment when your start building up on variety still keeping an eye on your real digestive capacity which is our primary focus

  • 23rd June: week 3-6 postpartum. Here things are getting funnier food wise: we work on rebuilding your tissues and your strength

Same classes will be scheduled in the months after

Woman & Doctor


Perhaps you are an expat, perhaps it is just a bit unclear how the 'eerste lijns verloskundinge' is organized and what happens when you decide that giving birth in a birth center or an hospital is more appropriate. Maybe you are simply curious to explore your plan B so that you can create your own birth plan with deeper awareness. This class is designed to be interactive: you will receive structured information but you are invited to come in with your “burning questions” of procedures, protocols and self-advocacy.



One of the recurrent fear the closer we are to our due date is the one of tearing and healing. I collected for you several practices that you can start integrating from week 36 onward together with some herbal and oil remedies next to the most important tips to keep in mind during the last phases of your labor