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5+1 gift ideas for expecting mothers

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

By Reka Bianchi

This time last year I was an expecting mother and my belly just started to grow. Fortunately the daily nausea vanished but I started to feel some discomforts instead.

I wrote a special wish list for my family, how they can make me happy for Christmas and in general in my early pregnancy. Now I bring my favorite 5 items of this list, to give you some inspiration what to ask for, or if you are not pregnant at the moment, what to give to your expecting friend.

Comfy leggings

If you are working, maybe you are allowed already to do this from home. For that, you can choose to wear whatever you want and I bet jeans won’t be your choice. As your belly grows, you will realize that the only thing that counts at choosing your outfit is to be comfortable.

Fortunately you can find many brands offering prenatal collection, you can also find those items in regular stores. The best leggings are high waisted so that they protect and keep warm your belly (it is such a good feeling! Sometimes I still wear my preggo leggings on colder days to keep myself warm), and elastic, so they can grow together with you and fit perfectly when you like to do some yoga practice during the day. Important to note, that it should be made of a higher percentage of cotton (or other natural material), because synthetic material can irritate the sensitive skin. And if there's one thing you don't want for your pregnant friend, it's itching.

Sleeping pillow

Oh, those sleepless nights! When you are turning around 100 times to find the position when you can fall asleep! And once you did, you just wake up to go out to the toilet, or your baby decides to have a house party inside. As your mood depends very much on your sleep, it is better to be proactive and support your nights with that pillow.

I hear you are saying that it is not that bad right now and you can make the remaining months without it.. trust me! You will be thankful for this, and later you can use it also as a nursing pillow, so it is worth the investment!

Healthy snacks

You have heard your friend complaining about her figure and pounds she gained, so you feel you cannot surprise her with any chocolate or sweets. Or just the opposite, it can be that she is carving very much for the sweets and eats bars of chocolates. What do give then her?

Don’t worry, there are many healthy options that you can prepare easily yourself, so it will be a more personal gift. Just like energy balls that you can make of dried fruits (dates, figs, apricots), fiber-rich carbs (oat flakes, quinoa) and various nuts (walnut, almond, cashews) that contain healthy fats. It is not only pleasing the soul but fuels the body with nutrients that are important for the mother and the baby too. If she prefers something salty, you can prepare veggie chips by plantain, sweet potato, beetroot and carrots.

Before you prepare it, please make sure you discuss with the recipient, as pregnancy is a highly sensitive period and it can be that her taste has changed and can’t even see the food she liked before.


During pregnancy the body goes over various changes: the belly organs are moved aside, the joints are under higher pressure and the whole posture tries to compensate the extra weight. As a result, you can feel imbalanced and also pain can appear in your knees, hips, or lower back.

This is the best time to allow yourself some pampering and go visit a professional! Either it is a manual therapist or a masseur, the treatment will help a lot for your muscles to relax and release the pain. Or if you prefer something active, you can do special yoga. Among Mamamoon teachers you can find professionals who can help, and with a monthly pass you will have the opportunity to try different methods.

Essential oils

Pregnancy is the best time to reduce the toxic load around you! They are everywhere, in cleaning products, in selfcare and cosmetics, in general medicine and the list goes on. Good news are that you can trust nature as it has everything you need for your health.

Essential oils or as I like to name them, plant medicine can help you to establish a healthier lifestyle not only yourself but also for your beloved ones. They are not only smelling good, but supporting your physical body and help to balance your emotions. Literally, you name something and I have an oil for that! Last but not least they help the labor process (ask me for my birth story!) and the post-partum too. Important to know, that they are working better in synergy, so the more oils you have the better results will come. Because of this I recommend you the home pharmacy, aka the Home Essentials Kit of doTerra, that includes also a diffuser. Before buying any oils, it's always best to have an experienced Wellness Advocate guiding you in this process, as there are some oils that are not recommended during pregnancy.

Wellness advisor consult - our gift to you

As a mom and wellness advisor of doTerra essential oils, my special gift for you is a private consult, where I help you discover the oils that supports you (or the one you would like to surprise) the best and I guide you through the first steps on this oily journey.

Don’t hesitate to book your discovery call today into my calendar. And for inspirations, follow me on Instagram.

Have a wonderful preparation time and enjoy each day of the winter magic!

Love, Réka


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