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Creative Mama Tribe Workshop

About the workshop

If you are a new mom or a mom-to-be and would like to share your pregnancy and motherhood experiences in a safe environment and get a little bit messy at the same time ;) this workshop is for you!

One of the techniques used during the workshop is art journaling. It is a simple and effective way to express yourself and connect with inner you. It is a perfect tool to find “yourself” in a new role as a mother. During the workshop, you will use different kinds of materials and mediums. Starting with paints, pencils, markers to old magazines and books. Each class has a theme to help you launch your creative process. No prior experience is necessary. It is not about perfection but about expressing yourself. 


The goal of this workshop is to help you to find your new “YOU” after goring through pregnancy & motherhood journey and connect with other mamas. Finding your tribe and community is very important. This workshop is going to provide space for both 


About Ola

Ola is a psychologist, sleep coach and artist. After her son Oliver is sound asleep she grabs paints, scissors, some paper and start creating! Expressive art helped her during the early months of motherhood to reconnect with herself. She loves using elements of art therapy and mindfulness in her work.

See also her full profile here.

About dates, times and price

Next date: Friday, June 25th from 2pm till 4pm

Cost: 30EUR