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For mothers by mothers


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For a more dynamic start of the day, a beautiful connection of breath and movement where you can build your strength in a safe way. Finishing with breathing practice which does magic when we are anxious, have trouble sleeping or experience headaches, and calm breathing with final relaxation based on HypnoBirthing.

Note: suitable for moms-to-be and for moms 10 weeks after having their baby. If your baby is around that's perfectly fine as well. Kasia will give you tips how to keep them busy before we start the class ;-)

Teacher: Kasia / Lisanne



The cutest yoga classes ever! Time for you and your baby, allowing you to move and have fun with your little one at the same time! For all moms 6 weeks after birth if vaginal birth, 10 weeks if c-section. And you can join as long as you feel that things are shifting in your body - in Ayurveda they say that it takes us as long to recover after birth as long it took us to grow our little ones..

Teacher: Lisanne

Prenatal Yoga.jpg


If you look for a moment during the day where you can both unwind and support your body with a nourishing and supportive practice, this might be a good class. Every week we focus on getting the prana moving after a day sitting or standing too long: we open up the upper body, stabilize the pelvis and learn how to access to our breath to create relaxation.

Teacher: Ombretta



Every women’s pelvic is unique and rarely is completely in balance. A part of the pelvis can be tight and short, another side can be too loose. After giving birth we usually think about only strengthening and engaging again, but a huge part is also giving relaxation and length to the more tighter parts, and bringing balance by discovering which muscles need more strength. In this way the pelvis comes back to balance and all parts work synergistically with each other, engaging when they have to and relaxing when they can. Sometimes after giving birth the pelvic floor holds on to a traumatic experience, this can also create tightness. 


These classes will help you to breathe more fully and deeply, improve your posture, understand your pelvis and sooth pelvic pain, lower back pain, bladder problems and all kinds of pelvic related problems, while giving synergy to your pelvic floor muscles and other muscles that support the pelvic floor. You will be guided with awareness exercises to self explore your pelvis by discovering the places where you hold tension and where you can feel a release happening. Within this relaxing state, you can learn your muscles how to engage when they have to and give more strength and support where your pelvis needs it.

Teacher: Lisanne

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